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This one was released in late ’72 and reached #41; includes the Top 40 hit Looking Through the Eyes of Love .

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Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #94871 in Music
  • Released on: 2008-03-01
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Format: Original recording remastered
  • Dimensions: .37″ h x
    5.69″ w x
    4.92″ l,
    .21 pounds

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star50 tpng NotebookNOTEBOOK Finally on CD!
By Geoff Brown.
It’s been a long time coming, but finally the classic Partridge Family NOTEBOOK Album has been issued for the first time on CD, by Buddah Records (the reissue arm of Arista, the PF’s original 1970′s label, formerly known as Bell Records). There are undoubtedly many fans eagerly awaiting this album, as it contains many gems, including “Friend And A Lover”, “Walking In The Rain”, “Looking through the eyes of Love” and a personal favourite, “Together We’re Better”. Combined with David Cassidy’s trademark breathy lead vocals and sumptuous vocal background arrangements and quality studio musicians in support, this is a very welcome addition to the PF catalogue. One of three albums that has never been given a CD release, hopefully Arista will eventually see its way clear to releasing the final two studio albums “Crossword Puzzle” and “Bulletin Board” onto the silver disc format. While of course one will never be able to convert non-fans who will continue with their holier-than-thou elite mentality, the comfortably numb nostalgia that this music evokes is merly part of the listening pleasure. At the time of the album’s original 1972 release, Partridge Family music was hitting the streets with conveyer belt frequency and considerably less and less fanfare with each record. Diehard fans will no doubt make this a sales winner as its previously unreleased on CD status will guarantee that. Maybe Someday (coincidentally a song title on this album!) Arista will realise the wealth of unreleased PF material sitting in their vaults. Copyright issues and royalty arrangements aside, fans know of the existence of of over 30 songs from the TV series that were never given an LP release, let alone the multitude of alternate recordings of the songs that we know and love. Lest anyone doubt the fervour surrounding the Partridge Family that is as strong today as it was almost 30 years ago, might I suggest you log onto the plethora of PF websites? In the meantime I trust every PF fan worth his/her salt buys this classic gem and lets Arista know that we want more… much more!

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star50 tpng NotebookGo Back To School With The Partridge Family!
By Amazon Customer
Released in the Fall of 1972 (November) shortly after their teenybopper audience was returning to school, the sixth commercial production received much less fanfare. It has been reasoned that the success of previous LPs was the strength of the impulse-buying power of the Family’s pictures on the cover of the albums. Unfortunately, art designer Beverly Weinstein’s absence of any pictures on this cover of the US version was not a great selling point. The UK version had a great family snapshot layered over the notebook paper cover and sold curiously stronger there. Maybe this was a point, looking back, that is well taken.The cover did resemble a stack of notebook paper with an actual die-cut cover resembling hole punched paper! Buddha/Arista’s CD release used the UK LP cover version for their artwork so one must wonder if they agreed with that assessment. This release will always be one of my personal favorites. The first song “Friend And A Lover” has a rockin’ guitar intro and great riffs throughout infused with the tight background harmonies that fans had grown to expect along with a more rockin’ David vocal. The LP sessions for this LP were extensive and let enough material to spawn another whole LP (“Crossword Puzzle” was thrown together from leftovers from “Notebook”)As the popularity of the Family began to wane, producers and Wes Farrell scrambled for selling points for the music and the show and the third season had the Partridges singing many covers of old hits. Some of these great covers made it to this LP and remain unquestionably some of the best versions. Such covers are “Walking In The Rain”(formerly by the Ronettes and Jay & The Americans),”Looking Through The Eyes Of Love” (formerly by Gene Pitney) and “We Gotta Get Out Of This Place” (by the Animals). All of these tracks are better or equal to the originals and very nicely sung and produced. They were liberally borrowed from the Arista stable of hits in a hope of resurrecting the fame the family experienced in 1970.Sadly, many of us Partridge fanatics are still praying that Arista will see fit to release many of the Partridge library of hits that never made it to vinyl such as “Cryin’ In The Rain”, “Workin’ On A Groovy Thing” and I’m Into Something Good” only to name a few covers, there are many more Partridge gems gathering mold in the Arista vaults. A few great ballads “Take Good Care Of Her” and “Something’s Wrong”speak of love and loss and show a maturing format. Fan favorites “Together We’re Better” and “Maybe Someday” are here also and have an energy that the Family was known for.The peppy “Storybook Love” with it’s harpsicord melody is a bit cutesy for this collection but grounds it back into its bubblegum roots. The lively guitar strumming of “Love Must Be The Answer” livens up the mood with a betcha-can’t-stay-still momentum that’s infectious. My personal favorite in this mix is “As Long As You’re There” which rounds out the CD with a sad song of loss with a curiously energetic beat! I cannot help but love this LP with its valiant attempt to grow with its audience. Sad, but very true, the Partridges were fated for cancellation just a year later but the music was evolving into a more mature and cultured sound that I began to love more and more. This LP was the pivotal approach to that growth. I feel this is a definite MUST HAVE addition to any Partridge or 70s collection! A++++++

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star40 tpng NotebookHats off to Buddha Records!
By alan j charlonne
Finally……….a later Partridge Family album available on CD! Sound quality on this remastered album is superb, much less noice than on some of the Razor & Tie reissues of PF albums. Liner notes also superb. The song list itself is impressive in that it contains alot of songs that actually made their appearance in PF t.v episodes. David Cassidy’s voice sounds more mature than on earlier PF albums, a definite plus! Personally I like the cover of Walking In The Rain and the upbeat Maybe, Someday. Although completely out of place on a PF album, the cover of The Animals famous “We Gotta Get Out Of This Place” gives you a clear example of the depth of the session musicians and backup singers that made up a big part of the Partridge Family sound (i.e. Melvoin, Bahler and company)and I actually found it to be very listenable. All in all a great CD, probably right up there with Sound Magazine! Let’s hope that the sales of the Buddha reissues of Partridge Family albums will eventually lead to Bulletin Board and Crossword Puzzle on CD and maybe even a “lost songs” compilation (I’m dreaming now, but I’m sure the master tapes exist!)!

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