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Dell Inspiron 15.6-Inch Laptop (i15RV-954BLK)

Category : NOTEBOOKS · by Mar 2nd, 2014

41Hi9DIctiL. SL500  Dell Inspiron 15.6 Inch Laptop (i15RV 954BLK)

Product Description

The redesigned Inspiron 15 starts at just over 1″ thin – that’s 21% thinner than the 2011 model – so you get all the performance you need, with a little more room in your bag for the other things that matter.

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To escape from your busy frustrating life, everyone look for the best place to stay and relax or one thing to give your self happiness. But it has to be useful and possible for you to afford. The easiest way just only acquiring our outstanding Dell Inspiron 15.6-Inch Laptop (i15RV-954BLK) for you and it will make your life turn into much more fascinate than ever. So you are going to by no means look for anything anymore. We would like to advocate you to our very best top quality items. Let’s check for availability now before sold out.

Dell Inspiron 15.6-Inch Laptop (i15RV-954BLK) (Product Details and Features)

Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #45 in Personal Computers
  • Brand: Dell
  • Model: i15RV-954BLK
  • Released on: 2014-02-02
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 3.31″ h x
    13.15″ w x
    19.29″ l,
  • CPU: Pentium 2127U 1.9 GHz
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Hard Disk: 500GB
  • Display size: 15.6


  • Intel Pentium-2127U Processor
  • 500 GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive
  • 15.6-Inch Screen
  • Windows 8

Dell Inspiron 15.6-Inch Laptop (i15RV-954BLK) is so well-made. And it is not only you are going to please with this good conception and also you are going to satisfy with the reasonable cost in case you compare with the other similar item which is on the internet around the world. This item is contained with the very best material and really contemporary strategy that our expertise producer did agree and authorize to create this best item for our customer and you.

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Although, you’ll find really high competition from numerous manufactory around the world attempt to make much more variety product inside the global market. If you’d like to invest your dollars on some other product, attempt our Dell Inspiron 15.6-Inch Laptop (i15RV-954BLK) and you’ll be able to be really certain which is a superb selection than ever. Then you are going to fully grasp that why this product is best for you.

Customer Reviews

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74 of 80 people found the following review helpful.
star50 tpng Dell Inspiron 15.6 Inch Laptop (i15RV 954BLK)Everything That One Needs
By Dr. JC Philip
I have been using the Dell Inspiron series for quite some time and have found each model to be good — with the newer ones outperforming the earlier ones in this series.This 15.6 inch model is very kind on the eyes due to the large screen, very kind on the body because of its under 3kg weight in spite of higher capacity, high speed and high memory.With every kind of software becoming increasingly massive, one requires the highest possible processing power even for using a good Wordprocessor comfortably. If one is a power-user, the requirements are higher.I have always been a power-user with a large number of programs running on the laptop simultaneously. I find that this model satisfies all my current power needs. I strongly recommend it.

12 of 13 people found the following review helpful.
star40 tpng Dell Inspiron 15.6 Inch Laptop (i15RV 954BLK)Solid machine
By Sir Shopsalot
Windows 8.1 is a challenge to get used to to say the least but hopefully worth the aggravation. We nearly purchased one from Amazon but through a stroke of luck I decided to search for one at MicroCenter and saved us $70. The photo does not do the size justice as it is blessedly larger than expected. It comes with McAfee installed so I nearly gave it only three stars but I found the control panel and can uninstall the McAfee virus easily (McAfee is junk). It is a slim machine with a textured surface on the deck top and lid. The no frills sleek look is typical of dell.

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star50 tpng Dell Inspiron 15.6 Inch Laptop (i15RV 954BLK)Good deal but +$100 for 2x power and touch? Advice from Doc TechGuy
Update: this is now sold and shipped by 3rd Party seller not<><>Expected Performance Meter<><><>ENTERTAINMENT<>[Poor] PC Gaming or [Poor to Average] Minecraft, Microsoft Store games, Facebook Gaming[Excellent] Social Media surfing (Twitter,Facebook,Linkedin)[Average] Video Chatting (Skype)[Average] Streaming Shows HD (Netlfix,Youtube,Hulu,iTunes)[Excellent] Music Library (iTunes,Amazon MP3,Lastfm,Spotify)<>PRODUCTIVITY<>[Average] MS Office Suite[Excellent] TurboTax, Quickbooks[Excellent] Education Free Courses (from basic algebra at Udacity to Advanced MIT’s Open Courseware)<>EXPRESS YOUR CREATIVITY<>[POOR] Music Creation (create music recordings, Audacity)[Poor to Average] Photoshop editing (Photoshop Elements)[POOR] Video Editing (Sony Vegas/MovieStudio, Adobe Premier)[Average] Website development (Adobe Dreamweaver CS3)The notebook you’re looking at is from the budget 15″ nontouch offerings released in 3quarter of 2013, the Dell Inspiron i15RV. The backbone is handled by Intel Pentium 2127U (from IvyBridge architecture release summer of 2013, just couple of months before Intel CPU based Haswell notebooks was introduced to the market), computer’s response time is good even for a lower tier CPU its very capable in delivering on performance for most users. It also comes with an Intel HD Graphics that’s certainly great for light gaming such as Mindcraft, Microsoft Store games and Facebook games. Sadly its not touch capable screen 15.6″ 720p screen delivers good detail and clarity but slightly washed out but that’s standard for budget priced notebooks (if ur really picky with your screens then go out to bestbuy and check it out in person). Great built in features including webcam, hdmi port, card reader, disc drive, 2x USB 2.0, 2x USB3.0 which makes this laptop very versatile to be considered as a secondary main home pc. The sound speakers on this is rather louder than some other notebooks in this class, such as Gateway’s budget 15″ notebook. Its made out of plastic, all around which is again not a surprise. I like the feel and quality of the plastic they used on here but other companies such as Lenovo or Asus’s budgetline feels a bit more sturdy and solid in weight and touch.A good 500GB 5400RPM for storage capacity means more storage for music games videos and files. This notebook brings a lot of value for the money. Although if you have time, take a closer look at the vast catalog in Amazon, you may find a better deals in the jungle.Its kind hard to say I would recommended this Non-touch screen Dell Inspiroin at its current asking price of $359.But then again its a Dell expect high level of customer service support.As the title suggest, if you can up your budget by $100 you can get a touch capable panel and 45% increase in speed. Look at my recommened 15″ touch laptops below for more details(sold by[...]==CONTENTS==1) Alternative Options2) TOP 3 ($280-$399)-(11.6″-14″Touch between (3.7-2.6 lbs)3) TOP 2 ($399 – $499)-(14″Touch between (4.7lbs-5.6lbs)4) TOP 2 ($500-$800)-(15″Touch between (4.8 Ibs – 5.6 lbs or higher)5) Windows 8.1 Tips & Computing Safety between==Alternative Options==I was doing my research my goal was to find the value laptop without hurting my wallet, I continue to update and filter through the entire amazon laptop list! YES indeed! I’ve done the hard work of searching for the best performing, best priced, that best fit our needs. This is a list of economical touch-screens Windows8 laptop which also offers excellent performance+battery==TOP 3 ($280-$399)-(11.6″-14″Touch between (3.7-2.6 lbs)==Here are the best choices for 11″ functional, portable, light weight, bang for your buck notebooks.<><>Expected Performance Meter<><><>ENTERTAINMENT<>[Average to Poor] PC Gaming or [Average] Facebook Gaming[Excellent] Social Media surfing (Twitter,Facebook,Linkedin)[Excellent] Video Chatting (Skype)[Average] Streaming Shows HD (Netlfix,Youtube,Hulu,iTunes)[Excellent] Music Library (iTunes,Amazon MP3,Lastfm,Spotify)<>PRODUCTIVITY<>[Average] MS Office[Excellent] TurboTax, Quickbooks[Excellent] Education Free Courses (from basic algebra at Udacity to Advanced MIT’s Open Courseware)<>EXPRESS YOUR CREATIVITY<>[POOR] Music Creation (create music recodings, Audacity)[Average] Photoshop editing (Photoshop Elements)[POOR] Video Editing (Sony Vegas/MovieStudio, Adobe Premier)[Average] Website development (Adobe Dreamweaver CS3)<> NO.1 +/- $359 Lenovo IdeaPad S210 59387503 11.6-Inch Touchscreen Laptop, 1.9 GHz Intel Pentium 2127U ULV(dualcore,2 MBCache, 3rdgen/Ivy Bridge,July2013chip$134), 4GB RAM, 500GB HD(Black)PROS: Light weight at 3.1lbs,.9″thick. Great 720p camera for Skype, 1usb 3.0, TouchScreen.[CPU Passmark Score: 1865]CONS:Battery life, No Bluetooth. not a great deal if prices increase to closer to $400. at +$400 price rage, I’d advise looking into 14″ notebooks options listed below, to get more for your money. Sold by 3rd Party seller, not amazon<> NO.2 +/- $335 HP Pavilion 11-e015nr TouchSmart 11.6″ Touch Screen – AMD Elite Quad-Core A6-1450(06/01/2013) / 4GB DDR3 / 320GB HD / Windows 8 64-bit OSPROS: Quadcore A6-1450 SoC are usually in notebooks at +$450 category but for HPs asking $350ish ? DEAL! but downgraded the Hard Drive , Touch, 4GB, / one of the better CPU/APU options in this category for gaming(Portal 2 and Torchlight 2 on high settings but lag free! /Upgradable to 8GB verified) 3.37lbs[Passmark Score: 1642]CONS: 320GB instead of 500GB, HP build quality is avg compared to ASUS or Lenovo but thats subjective. Prices fluctuates too much, if sellers increase their prices closer to $400 i would not recommend buying this or any 11.6″ note books. At $400, finding a better 14″-15″ touch screen size is possible. I made my Top Notebooks List at $400 tag below, for details. Sold by 3rd Party seller, not amazon<> NO.3 +/- $454 Acer Aspire V5-122P-0637 11.6-Inch Touchscreen Laptop (Chill Silver)(1.0 GHz up to 1.4GHz AMD Elite Mobility Quad-Core A6-1450 Accelerated Processor, 6GB DDR3 SDRAM, 500GB 5400RPM hard drive, Windows 8 64-bitPROS: IPS screen better color and viewing angle(probably best screen on this list), Same CPU/APU as HP Pavilion TouchSmart 11 listed above thus Pros are identical, + 500GB Hard Drive , 6GB RAM! best gaming capable system at the light weight 11.6″ Touch screen category. Enough power in this noteboko to deliver performance that it could act as secondary main PC.[CPU Passmark Score: 1642]CONS: Expensive at $450 but it has 6GB RAM(instead 2GB) and 500GB HD(instead of 340GB) with the AMD A6-1450 Quadcore (instead of poor performance AMD A4-1250 Dualcore AVOID at all cost!)______________________________________________________________________________== TOP 2 ($399 – $499)-(14″Touch between (4.7lbs-5.6lbs) ==These 14″ touch screen laptops are designed for those who are always on go or need a portable computing device, bigger than 10.1-11″display without sacrificing performance. These notebooks are powerful enough to act as your secondary main PC machine for school, work and home.WHAT YOU DESERVE AT $400 (Typically an increase in price fallows an increase in quality of parts. At this price range expect a 14″ Screen Touch , with CPU Intel i3 or AMD’s A6 or A8 processors) I favor AMD due to their graphics performance doubling that of Intel variant.<><>EXPECTED PERFORMANCE METER<><>[Average] PC Gaming or [Excellent] Facebook Gaming[Excellent] Social Media surfing (Twitter,Facebook,Linkedin)[Excellent] Video Chatting (Skype)[Average] Streaming Shows HD (Netlfix,Youtube,Hulu,iTunes)[Excellent] Music Library (iTunes,Amazon MP3,Lastfm,Spotify)[Average] MS Office[Excellent] TurboTax, Quickbook[Excellent] Education Free Courses (from basic algebra at Udacity to Advance MIT’s Open Courseware)[POOR] Music Creation (create music recodings, Audacity)[Average] Photoshop editing (Photoshop Elements)[POOR] Video Editing (Sony Vegas/MovieStudio, Adobe Premier)[Average] Website development (Adobe Dreamweaver CS3)<> NO. 1 +/- $448 Lenovo IdeaPad S415 59385549 AMD A6-5200M(May 23, 2013) 2.0 GHz Processor (2 MB Cache05/23/2013, Kabini), 4 GB DDR3 RAM, 500 GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive, 14-Inch Screen Touchscreen, ATI Radeon HD 8400 Integrated Graphics,Windows 8, 5-hour battery…,PROS: Its an IdeaPad brand+build quaity, 14″ touch, Battery life 5hrs!, 720p HD webcam , Sold by Amazon.comCPU Passmark Score: 2450CONS:<> NO. 2 +/- $479 HP Pavilion 14-f027cl 14″ Touch Laptop, AMD A8-5545M 6GB Memory 640GB Hard DrivePROS: Battery life, +5hrBig 14″ touchscreen, Higher grade AMD Elite Quad-Core A8-5545M Accelerated Processor with 4MB L2 Cache, Bigger 640GB Hard drive, and 6 GB RAM, More USB 3.0 . A8-5545M is higher step APU compared to next 2 laptops below sporting an A4-1450 APU thus this is faster and better choice for gaming.[CPU Passmark Score: 2539]Cons: 1.7lbs heavier than 11.6″ notebooks, Expensive if your budget goal is to get a capable notebook for under $400. don’t buy if +$475 asking price. +$500 price range there are better product selections at 15″ Notebook category. Sold by 3rd Party seller not Amazon.com______________________________________________________________________________== TOP 2 ($500-$800)-(15″Touch between (4.8lbs – 5.6lbs or higher) ==These touch screen laptop is designed for those who requires performance over portability.<><>EXPECTED PERFORMANCE METER<><>[Excellent] PC Gaming or [Excellent] Facebook Gaming[Excellent] Social Media surfing (Twitter,Facebook,Linkedin)[Excellent] Video Chatting (Skype)[Excellent] Streaming Shows HD (Netlfix,Youtube,Hulu,iTunes)[Excellent] Music Library (iTunes,Amazon MP3,Lastfm,Spotify)[Excellent] MS Office[Excellent] TurboTax, Quickbooks[Excellent] Education Free Courses (from basic algetbra at Udacity to advance MIT’s Open Courseware)[Excellent]Creation (create music recordings, Audacity)[Excellent] Photoshop editing (Photoshop Elements)[Average] Video Editing (Sony Vegas/MovieStudio, Adobe Premier)[Excellent] Website development (Adobe Dreamweaver CS3)<> No.1 $479 Acer Aspire E1-572P-6857 15.6″ Touch,Intel i3-4010U Processor 1.7Ghz,6GB RAM, 750GB HDDPROS: SOLD by Amazon. an Intel i3 touchscreen at 15″ for under $480 is rare. Way under priced for what you’re getting. Could easily be marked up close to $600 for sure. Battery life is good due to (new)Haswell processor. Great IPS screen. SD card reader , Nice solid Metalic feel unlike most notebooks in this price range made of plastic.[CPU Passmark Score: 2514]CONS: Weight, standard weight 5.6lbs for 15″ notebook. Great for Video chat with 720P HD camera.<> No. 2 $599 Acer Aspire V5-552P-X440,A10-5757M,8GB Ram, 1000GB HDD 15.6-Inch Touchscreen Laptop (Cold Steel)PROS: SOLD by Amazon, 4.8 lbs, Thin .9″ Ultrabook, Powerful A-10 Quadcore processor, 8 GB of RAM, Huge 1000GB Hard drive(1TB), Fastest APU/CPU for gaming. Powerful still managed to be thin+lighter than standard 15″ notebooks. 4.5hrs battery. Back-lit Keyboard, High end non-plasticy shell, Great for HD Video Chats, sells this for $700! Great for business, gaming, traveling, home use, main PC, etc. Superb IPS screen. Its the best of both worlds, ease mobility, super thin and ultra light but powerful enough for everything, all premium features without Ultrabook’s $1k Premium prices.[CPU Passmark Score: 2922]CONS: Need to manually upgrade from Windows 8 to 8.1(free) via Windows Marketplace, No Disc drive, At $600 you shouldn’t complain. The power and portability you get from this notebook could easily cost you somewhere near $1000 Ultrabook category. No cons, its perfect at its price.==Windows 8.1 Tips & Computing Safety==Bring back the start button: Installing one of these two software will help new Windows8.1 users to ease into “Modern” user interface of windows 8.11) Classic Shell (free) or 2) Start8 (Stardock $5)___________________________________________________________________Avoiding major damages caused by those pesky malware,virus etc by simply not using an “Administrator Account” with your main MS Account.Viruses will likely cause more damage and will be impossible to completely remove if they gained Admisitrator’s right and have dug deep inside your computer. An “Administrators” account is a backdoor route viruses/malware uses get in and cause unrecoverable distruction to your data. With Admin rights those malware can easily infect deep within your “recovery partitions’! meaning, these’s not turning back and you’re royally screwed. Theres many more problems that can happen but I think you already get my point.GOALS: 1) Don’t use your Main MS Account as an” Adminitrator” but instead “standard” 2) Create a secondary account called “local account” and set that up as the Administrator instead.Account Management: steps creating a local account(administrator) and MS Account(standard)Charms search: type”control panel” > “User’s Accounts and Family Safety” > “Remove User account” > ” Add a new user in PC settings ” located at bottom of window > Bringing you to Metro > click “add Account” > “Sign in without MS accout” located at bottom of page > “Local Accout” > create new user name and PWYou have 2 options on Signing IN1) Microsoft account or 2) Local Account1) Create or sign in with your MAIN Microsoft Account. If you already an MS account or uses windows phones/ xbox live or Hotmail/live/MSN email address you can use these as well to link those services to 1 master MS Account.2) Create a Local Account. Thise secondary account will not connect to MS’s ecosytem but only in your local computer. I identical to USERS login on Windows 7,Vista,XP etc.Once you’ve setup these two accounts, you must set each account type to: >Change ACCOUNT TYPE for Main MS Account to “Standard”Change ACCOUNT TYPE for 2ndary Local Account to “Administrator”Please do these steps, it only takes 5minutes. Its a small price to pay considering, it may potentially rescue your entire data from a completely erasing your data after sending it for repairs.__________________________________________________________________________Making Back ups/ EtcAnother tip is to make a recovery image.First install Setup all your programs , setup your custom settings, etcAfter personalizing your PC. > Its time to Create a Recovery Image right after you’ve set everything up. This image will allow you to revert back to this pc’s state in time, and in perfect working order.Sometimes system recovery doesn’t solve your problems so having secondary backup plan like Recovery Image is key.______________________________________________________________________________CYBERATTACKSNot optional, must practice these 3 regular computing habits.#1 (Install AVG/free) or Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 is the leading software in the market today at $50 or Norton. These Antivirus’ are categorized as: Preventor and a Remover.#2 (Install MalwareBytes/free) Is the best software in removing infected systems. This is the best in the business and its FREE! scan your pc every month with this program or whenever you expeirience dramatic system slowdown/sluggish or seeing your browser redirect you to different sites on its own, to obvious signs like, your bank account has been compromized) Because this is a free software, as a user you must manually start the scaning process or by buying retail version you’ll unlock the autoprotect and autoscan scheduler feature. MalwareBytes(free) is categorized as a Remover not a Preventor.#3 (Install Superantispyware/free, Scan pc every 2wks)SuperAntiSpyware SAS; often cleans up tracking cookies.Because this is a free software, as a user you must manually start the scaning process or by buying retail version you’ll unlock the the autoprotect and autoscan scheduler feature. SuperAntiSpyware is categorized as – Remover not a Preventor.#4 (Install SpywareBlaster/Free)A popular choice Unlike other programs. SpywareBlaster does not have to remain running in the backroound inorder to do its job. SpywareBlaster is categorized as a Preventor not a Remover.Its ok skip a few scans between months, although not advisable, especially if your a heavy web surfing maniac spending 2-3 hrs daily websurfing. But please dont go without using at least 1 Remover program on the list more than 2-4 Months in between scans.Furthermore i’d like to discuss the misconceptions regarding the built-in security solution in Windows 8, called Windows Defender. Windows Defender is definitely not sufficient to protect typical home users during a period of what is considered a renaissance like advancement in black technical field of melicious software development. If you think or belive those “techsavy” people, thinking windows defender is enough, you’re clueless. But I also believe Windows Defender on Windows 8 is a very strong addition to Windows OS in general.________________________________________________________________________Another way to avoid spreading your personal information out there into the wild unknowingly is to un-google yourself.yes ladies and gents! google or yahoo especially yahoo LOL….. but google is key here.Microsoft sells Primarily Software.Apple sells Primarily HardwareGoogle sells neither, that’s why their products are so CHEAP, once they suckered in their backdoor ridden ecosystem, Google Inc. sells Primarily Everything about YOU!_____________________________________________________________________________________________________Steps in upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 (2-3hrs)Key here is to ensure your windows 8 is fully updated before upgrading to win8.1Therefore repeatedly “check of updates” on windowsHow to upgrade to windows 8.1 for dummies.Step 1: Go to Metro and not desktopStep 2: Start typing : “Control Panel”Step 3: Click “Windows Update” > “Check for Update”Step 4: install updatesStep 5: restart computerStep 6: Repeat step 1 -5 until result “no more updates”Step 7: Run HP Update client, install all updates from HP to ensure all drivers and bugfixes are updated.( or whichever OEM you may have, lenovo,dell, sony etc.)Step 8: Uninstall your Antivirus Software (important) then RESTART PCStep 9: Go to Windows Store and upgrade to 8.1Step 10: leave computer on for 2hrs as it upgrades.Step 11: Repeat Steps 1 – 7Step 12: if you’re not a complete fool, 8.1 upgrade should be straight forward. \After steps 1-8 ONLY THEN you should install WIndows 8.1 at the marketplace. Goodluck.(note: steps above removes a lot of failures users experience after 8.1 update)___________________________________________________________Not many want to shell out their dollars on Office 360 if all they intend of using is standard word can use a free web version of office search: “MS Office Web Apps”just sign in with the same MS Account user name used on your PC.

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