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Case Logic LAPS-117 17 – 17.3 -Inch Laptop Sleeve (Black)

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Product Description

This subtly detailed, traditional sleeve provides a streamlined option that fits within any anyone’s comfort zone. The wrap construction cradles your netbook in substantial foam padding, and thoughtful details add hints of sophisticated styling. Slide this sleek sleeve easily into your briefcase, backpack, tote or other bag.

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Case Logic LAPS-117 17 – 17.3 -Inch Laptop Sleeve (Black) (Product Details and Features)

Product Details

  • Size: One Size, 17.3 Inch
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Case Logic
  • Model: LAPS-117Black
  • Fabric type: pleather
  • Platform: Windows
  • Format: CD-ROM
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 16.50″ h x
    1.00″ w x
    11.30″ l,
    .50 pounds
  • Display size: 17


  • Form-fitting sleeve ensures a precise fit for your laptop with a 15 – 16 inch display
  • Woven webbing along each side adds subtle texture to the otherwise clean design
  • Quick top-loading access through envelope-style design
  • Slim-line design allows this case to be carried solo or fit in your favorite bag
  • Form-fitting ensures a precise fit for your laptop with a 17 inch display
  • A seamless wrap of Impact Foam padding provides top to bottom protection

Case Logic LAPS-117 17 – 17.3 -Inch Laptop Sleeve (Black) is so well-made. And it is not only you are going to please with this good conception and also you are going to satisfy with the reasonable cost in case you compare with the other similar item which is on the internet around the world. This item is contained with the very best material and really contemporary strategy that our expertise producer did agree and authorize to create this best item for our customer and you.

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Although, you’ll find really high competition from numerous manufactory around the world attempt to make much more variety product inside the global market. If you’d like to invest your dollars on some other product, attempt our Case Logic LAPS-117 17 – 17.3 -Inch Laptop Sleeve (Black) and you’ll be able to be really certain which is a superb selection than ever. Then you are going to fully grasp that why this product is best for you.

Customer Reviews

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star50 tpng Case Logic LAPS 117 17   17.3  Inch Laptop Sleeve (Black)Fantastic Protective Sleeve For Macbook Pro’s & Google Chrome Cr-48
By Ed
Case Logic, Inc. has been around since 1984, which is probably right about the time I bought my first Case Logic case for my cassette tapes. Over the years, as they added items to their product line, so I added their products to my collection. As a sample, I believe I have owned at one point or another, Case Logic cassette cases, CD & DVD cases, CD player cases, Zip Drive cases, trunk organizers, and more. I’m looking around my home office and I can spot several of their products and I bet you do too. Case Logic’s 13.3 Laptop Sleeve (LAPS-113) is one of many sleeves that Case Logic makes and it just might be the perfect protective, no frills sleeve for your 13.3-inch or smaller laptop.PROS:- No nonsense, sleek design- 6mm EVA foam padding- Smooth gliding zipper- Protective lip prevents damage from zipperCONS:- Slight rubbery odorI define my perfect laptop sleeve to be one that has no handles, pockets, zippers, or bulk. What I want out of a sleeve, is a relatively form-fitting sleeve that I can then toss into one of my other bags, like my Timbuk2 messenger bag or my JanSport backpack. The LAPS-113 hit each of my requirements perfectly, except for the inclusion of a zipper. Though, as you’ll soon see, the zipper turned out to be a neutral feature for me, not a negative one.PROTECTIONFirst and foremost, the LAPS-113 will protect your laptop from scratches. The exterior and interior materials are made out of 100% polyester. What makes the LAPS-113 stand out from many similar sleeves is the fact that it actually has some worthwhile padding to protect your laptop from impact. It is surrounded by a 6mm layer of EVA foam which feels a lot like memory foam. This thin layer provides enough protection that I feel very comfortable with it in my aforementioned bags. The sides also have a woven webbing that provides a protective texture as well as making it look attractive. As I mentioned before, I did not like the idea of a zipper on a laptop sleeve because I fear scratching my laptop with it. Fortunately, the Case Logic LAPS-113 has a protective lip around the zipper teeth. Essentially, when you begin to zip the the sleeve shut, the protective lip folds down over the laptop so that it is protected from coming in contact with the zipper teeth.USAGE & SIZEThe smooth gliding zipper runs across the entire top of the sleeve and about an inch down the sides. It is very easy to insert and remove my laptop from the LAPS-113. When inside my messenger bag, I can remove my laptop without having to remove the entire sleeve from the bag. The Case Logic LAPS-113 laptop sleeve is listed as a 13.3-inch appropriate sleeve. The internal dimensions are 13in x 9.1in x 1.1in and weighs just 6 ounces. The new 13-inch Macbook Pro is listed as 12.78in x 8.94in x 0.95in, so the sleeve should be perfect. However, I have a 12.1-inch Google Chrome Cr-48 notebook and that too fit amazingly well. As my readers probably know already, I LOVE Timbuk2 products but I think the LAPS-113 just usurped my Timbuk2 sleeve as the sleeve my Cr-48 will live in. All you game developers who got their free Cr-48 from the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco might want to try the LAPS-113 for your brand new toy. To top it off, the LAPS-113 comes in three colors-black, red, and tannin (a sort of red wine, brown mixture). I also want to mention that the sleeve does give off a slight rubbery odor at first, but fades away after a few days. I know that some people are highly sensitive to smell so I just wanted to mention it for their sake.CONCLUSIONThere are plenty of folks out there who want a sleeve that has enough padding for better impact protection. The Case Logic LAPS-113 is able to do that without adding significant bulk in a simple and attractive design. I recommend it for 13-inch Macbook Pro users and Google Chrome Cr-48 users alike.* Review sample courtesy of Case Logic, Inc.

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star40 tpng Case Logic LAPS 117 17   17.3  Inch Laptop Sleeve (Black)good little case
By Nicole Machi
I’ve been using this case a couple weeks and like it so far. I strongly recommend NOT BUYING THE RED ONE! I ordered it thinking black would be too boring but the red is not like the picture and its quite an ugly red.The case is soft with a few millimeters of foam. It isn’t going to save your computer, but it will keep it from small scratches and dings while its being transported.I’d love a case that offered a bit of moisture protection, which this certainly does not, but for the price, it definitely meets my expectations.

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star40 tpng Case Logic LAPS 117 17   17.3  Inch Laptop Sleeve (Black)DOES NOT WORK WITH ASUS G75VW ROG LAPTOP…
By Neil R. Forster
This appears to be a really nice, budget sleeve for protecting a laptop, but it does not fit the ASUS G75VW ROG Laptops. The battery/rear fan is too bulky and you will not be able to close the zipper. It’s a great product for smaller laptops, just wanted to let you know. I didn’t want to be one of those reviewers who reviews a good product poorly just because it didn’t suit my needs for my 17″ laptop.

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