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The White Queen: Season One

Category : DVD · by Mar 1st, 2014

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Product Description

The White Queen is a riveting portrayal of one of the most dramatic and turbulent times in English history. A story of love and lust, seduction and deception, betrayal and murder, it is uniquely told through the perspective of three different, yet equally relentless women – Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort and Anne Neville. In their quest for power, they will scheme, manipulate and seduce their way onto the English throne.

Special Features: The Making of The White Queen, Series Overview, Book To Series, The History Behind The White Queen, The White Queen: Set Tour, Queen Elizabeth, The King, The Heir Apparent, Woman In A Man’s World, Conjuring Up The Queen/Magic, Dressing The Queen/Wardrobe

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The White Queen: Season One (Product Details and Features)

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  • Sales Rank: #1868 in DVD
  • Released on: 2014-02-04
  • Number of discs: 3
  • Formats: Color, Dolby, NTSC, Widescreen
  • Original language:
  • Running time: 580 minutes

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star40 tpng The White Queen: Season Onethe white queen
By norwegianqueen
there is a way to watch bbc as it plays in England, and so i have seen parts 1-8. two more to go. i have not been this pleased by a docu drama in a long time, and this one is right up there with the tudors. the writer is a history teacher at one of the prestigious colleges in uk, and she writes with passion and accuracy. its about the cousins war, or war of the roses. The writer concentrates not on the men involved but the 3 women behind the scene. The costumes are documented, and the buildings are historical. the women are powerful, clever, driven, and with elizabeth, in love. its about protecting their right to the throne, and they do it vengeance and devotion to their cause and families. it is rich in colour, and i was wishing there was 15 parts, not 10! if you liked the tudors, you will love this, minus some of the fun but sometimes brutal sex scenes. there were a couple but tastefully done, the concentration being on family pride.enjoy!

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star50 tpng The White Queen: Season OneMurder, Intrigue and Scandal, OH MY!
Being an novice student of British history, I am always eager when any new show comes out relating to this topic. While this is historical fiction it does follow history quite accurately. The casting is phenomenal! I will address some of the characters that really stood out for me. I am NO authority these are just my opinions! :-)Rebecca Ferguson portrays a brave and beautiful Queen Elizabeth. Her performance is commanding and powerful. She really portrays the strength and courage of her character during a very dangerous time in British history.Amanda Hale presents viewers with a pious and scheming Lady Beaufort. She does an excellent job of conveying her love for God and her son while showing the ugly side of greed and bad behavior.Aneurin Barnard plays Richard Duke of Gloucester. His character evolves from one that seems sweet and caring as the Duke however, when he becomes King Richard we see him transform into power hungry and vile creature.Max Irons as King Edward….I’m not sure about the casting with this actor. While he does a good job acting, I don’t feel that he physically fits the part. Don’t get me wrong he is very handsome he just doesn’t fit the appearance of a King during the 1400′s. The portrayal of King Edward is one of a womanizer (which he was) but his real character was much richer than this. I would have liked to see this developed more in the script.David Oakes as George Duke of Clarence….PERFECT casting! I can’t see any other actor doing a better job! He plays the jealous, conniving, backstabbing younger brother of King Edward with such conviction.Janet McTeer as Jacquetta Woodville mother to Queen Elizabeth. McTeer plays the mother figure with style and grace, portraying a character that is determined to see her daughter and family succeed. The love that she has for her daughter is very palpable.James Frain as Lord Warwick….James Frain, enough said. A great period actor; he never disappoints. His portrayal of Warwick is thoughtful and insightful.If you are looking for a juicy story filled with murder, scandal, backstabbing, and scheming….there is nothing like a story that really happened. I recommend you give this show a try. icon wink The White Queen: Season One

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star50 tpng The White Queen: Season OneThe White Queen
By debra
Before I saw this series, I did not know what The White Queen was about. I saw a trailer for it on TV and found that it was to be a TV series based on Philippa Gregory’s novel of the same name. I knew of her work from the movie version of her novel The Other Boleyn Girl (a very inaccurate take on Tudor history), but have not as of yet read any of her novels based roughly upon between 15-1600′s on the Tudor’s and so fourth. I love Tudor history and more than that I love anything on the British Monarchy. I know a lot on Henry VIII and his wives as well as Queen Elizabeth I, but I did not have any knowledge onto the Plantagenet’s or anything about the War of the Roses. So I jumped on this series and immediately began to watch it hoping it to be better than the Showtime series The Tudors.I have to say at first I wasn’t sure I thought though while the story seemed to be intriguing, I wasn’t falling for the main characters like King Edward and his wife Elizabeth in the first episode, but by the second and third episode of the series I was completely hooked. I know there are a lot of reviews from critics saying the series didn’t hold up to the standards they expected, but I think a lot of that was based on the first episode alone in the series and not the story all together as a whole.I never realized how fascinating the War of the Roses was or what it was about. I think what makes this story so much more compelling to me versus other shows around the time period like The Tudors, is that it is told in the view of the woman who stood behind the throne and who shaped England’s history dramatically without the world even realizing their importance to what was happening on the throne and how they could influence it. Unlike in The Tudors where it was more of a mans view on the world. Their are three main woman who shape the story over the period of ten episodes. You have the White Queen Elizabeth who was King Edwards wife, then you have Queen Anne who was Queen to King Richard III and you have Margaret who becomes the King’s mother to Henry VII.These woman are each inspiring in their own ways. Elizabeth Woodhouse is a very strong character in the story. She’s not afraid to voice her opinion and stand for what she says. She was also one of the first monarch’s to have her children stay with her while they were growing up, where in all other noble families you would send them away for months or years at a time to be tutored and not brought back to live with their families till after their education was completed on how they were to behave as a future king or queen. While Anne in the beginning is very passive wanting to please her family and sister, she is caught in the middle as her father tries to get her older sister married to one of the brother’s of Kind Edward and keeps being tossed aside till her father needs her in one of his schemes to take the throne. Through all of this she finds her strength and takes charge of her own destiny. While Margaret is devote to god and seeing her son put on the throne at such huge odds that when you think of it, it’s amazing she achieved so much with so much in front of her, when the cards seemed stacked against her.What makes this series work so well are the different view points that are captured through the eyes of these woman. You can’t help but feel for each one of them as they are pushed from one place to another, but each time this happens they rise again. What Philippa Gregory has done so well is she has shown 3 different view points of the same conflict and has shown us as the viewers different perspectives to the story line based on view you are looking at.This series is a fast pace series as far as time lapses go. Episode 1 starts off with the meeting and marrying of King Edward to Elizabeth Woodhouse. By episode two they are married and have children and by the end you are at the beginning of the Tudor era. Even though there are gaps by years in the show it flows so well together and the drama keeps you glued to the screen. You can’t help but feel for these ladies in the show.As far as how accurate this series it to her books I don’t know, how accurate it is to history I do not know either. What makes a great historical drama period piece is when a author knows how to weave the fiction on around the historical events that truly took place. I feel that as far as I can see Gregory has done just that, but just don’t quote me completely on it! The magic of an author should be to captivate the audience and have have them wondering which parts are the fictitious and which are reality and when it comes to Plantagenet’s history it can be hard to say what was fact and what was Tudor propaganda. Leading the reader or watcher to make up their own mind. Which is exactly what Philippa Gregory does.

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