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Sons of Anarchy: Season 6

Category : DVD · by Mar 1st, 2014

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Sons of Anarchy: Season 6 (Product Details and Features)

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star20 tpng Sons of Anarchy: Season 6Dear Amazon…
By H3tty Owl
…your greed is showing. Pretty pissed that I paid $2.99 for a TV show episode and still have to deal with a bunch of godd@mn commercials. Unbelievable. Might as well watch for free on TV. As far as I can recall, Amazon didn’t used to do this, but this seals the deal on me NEVER ordering on-demand television through Amazon again.Episode was AWESOME besides that, though.

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star10 tpng Sons of Anarchy: Season 6Commercials on Paid Content is a Death Blow
By Andrewski
Commercials at the beginning and end of both episodes this season. At three dollars an episode, I do not want advertising. I will be cancelling my TV pass, and I hope this does not become a trend on Amazon or I’ll be looking for video content elsewhere.

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star10 tpng Sons of Anarchy: Season 6Advertising Included With Streaming Episodes in S06
By Matthew JNS
The first two episodes of Season 06, purchased through Amazon Instant Video, have come with advertising attached.S06E02 had advertising both before and after the episode. When I’m paying almost $3.00/episode, I expect a commercial-free experience.UPDATE 09/21/2013:I noticed that the homepage for “Amazon Instant Video: TV” says this: “Watch TV Online, Instantly and Commercial-Free”. So I contacted Amazon, quoted the “commercial-free” promise, and asked for a refund. My refund was granted promptly and without hassle. I then canceled my TV Pass (season pre-order) for this series. Props to Amazon for the customer service.Further, the Amazon rep who contacted me said the issue was being escalated to their “Development Team” for review.This issue is starting to get discussed more on the intarwebs, and some of the chatter blames Amazon. Since the ads were for FX Network shows, and FX Network puts out SoA, my hunch is that FX Network is responsible for tacking the ads on to the episodes they delivered to Amazon.

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