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Obsessed with all things Austen, a woman travels to a Jane Austen resort/theme park in Britain, where all her regency-era fantasies come to life.

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Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #1107 in DVD
  • Released on: 2014-02-11
  • Rating: PG-13 (Parental Guidance Suggested)
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Formats: AC-3, Closed-captioned, Color, Dolby, NTSC, Subtitled, Widescreen
  • Original language:
  • Running time: 96 minutes

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star50 tpng AustenlandFabulous Fun
By Rissi
Comedy is never just black and white. There is a certain talent to getting it “right.” Some movies go for the classy sort and in turn, earn viewer’s gratitude. Others shoot for the wild and crazy, the sort that is lumped into the slaphappy. This Austen-inspired comedy of errors opts for the latter and the question on everyone’s mind is, does it work?Being a 30-something who lives a mundane existence and cannot keep herself from loving Colin Firth’s Mr. Darcy is not something that endears Jane Hayes (Keri Russell) to the game of dating. Her friend is concerned Jane just wants the fantasy. But really, her love of all things Darcy isn’t that bad… okay, so it is a bit obsessive which prompts Jane to strike a bargain with Molly. First she books a trip to Austenland an all-inclusive Jane Austen experience run by Mrs. Wattlesbrook (Jane Seymour), and if, upon her return she realizes regency life is just that, a fantasy, she’ll give up her dreams of finding her own Darcy. With ticket in hand, Jane books a flight to London and lands smack dab in the middle of every girl’s dream.Once there, Jane befriends Elizabeth Charming (Jennifer Coolidge) and strikes up a friendship with the groundskeeper, Martin (Bret McKenzie). When she’s thrown together with the moody and arrogant, Henry Nobley (JJ Field), Jane sees the faux in her childhood dreams. Ever since she set foot on Austenland’s grounds, everything about being the heroine in her own Austen story has been an act… or has it?Right up front, let me say that I had conflicting thoughts on this book-to-screen adaptation. Only my love of all things Austen-at-the-cinema kept me glued to theater openings related to ‘Austenland.’ Unfortunately, it didn’t open at the most convenient of theaters, however we made a day out of it – and oh, my, what a fun adventure it was. Put thoughts of a proper, regency saga out of your mind; unlike the dialogue Jane Austen would have penned, this comedy is awkward and amusing over how funny it tries to be. Jane wove some subtle albeit wickedly good humor into her stories – satire with class, whereas this contemporary script makes many concessions to adapt to its 21st century characters. You’ve been warned. With that being said, I can in no way fault ‘Austenland’ terribly much since it inserts a modern girl into a world she only thought was her “perfect” ideal.While this was setting itself up, one of the first things that stood out was the warp speed at which the script unfolded. We were barely given time to process Jane’s addiction before she was jetting off to England. Little explanation is given as to the “why” behind neither Jane’s shy, comfortable life nor the way she immerses herself in all things 1800s. Secondly, I cannot say how impressed I was with the cast. Initially, it may line up as a mish-mash of talent – veteran actors, unknowns and British talent, it’s in the actual watching of the film that we quickly learn how well they work together. The entire cast doesn’t just create some fun chemistry none of them seem uncomfortable with the fun dialogue or acting silly to make the audience laugh with glee – something the people in the showing I saw did plenty of! This wouldn’t be a complete assessment of thoughts if I was negligent in mentioning the ending; I lovelovelove the ending (preceding the closing titles) of this film. Not because it was unique or any different than the ordinary script, but because it was sweet and the actors played it so charming, it created its own brand of special.Bottom lining it, ‘Austenland’ is a delightful film that I look forward to re-visiting on DVD. Between some catchy, terrific music, throwbacks to well-known Austen scenes or dialogue (like a humorous caught-in-the-rain scene) and its refreshing cast, the movie is hard not to like. It’s a refreshing turn after so many end-of-the-world box office picks – its part study in a contemporary woman, part whimsical and outrageous comedy. As I’ve yet to read the novel of the same name (it has suddenly moved up on my TBR pile), I cannot say how well the screen transfer was, however I quite adored everything about the film. There is more good to it than merely feeding Austen obsessions; the story is also careful to help us realize that even the best-laid fantasy is not necessarily better than reality – and it’s admirable to see Jane standing up for herself, distinguishing between fiction and fact is necessary to keep ones sanity and she does it well. When we see the change in Jane at the end – a more confident person, it makes even the silly moments worth it.From the crazy shenanigans to the absurd playacting and accents (courtesy of Georgia King and Jennifer Coolidge, respectively), ‘Austenland’ was a joyous journey, from beginning to end!Copyright © * Dreaming Under the Same Moon

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star50 tpng AustenlandDiabolically brilliant!
By Shawna
LOVED this movie! Poor Jane Hayes (Kerri Russell) gets to have that dream of getting away from it all and going to her dreams. Just to find out it really isn’t a dream but a whole lot of different things. It became a reality she was unprepared for. Imagine going from cars and cellphones to horse and carriage, dressing for the 1800′s, trying to adopt the manners of the 1800′s. Jane steps into that world with a planned vacation and meets up with a handsome stable man who may or may not be her Mr. Darcy. Meanwhile, the guy who plays the role of Mr. Darcy isn’t as he seems either. Actors hired to play characters from Pride and Prejudice. Contrast the actors in one scene to another involving a swimming pool. Toss in a raunchy tune and some raunchy reading (Jennifer Coolidge) here and there and you’ll wonder if you weren’t somehow caught in the twilight zone. Somehow, it all works out. The script is brilliant and all of it is very well played. Be prepared to laugh at yourself if you are a Jane Austen fan. Most women will probably enjoy this movie. Don’t worry guys… others of the male gender also found themselves laughing as well. Congratulations and thank you to the writer, director, and actors of this brilliant movie. And I should say thank you to Stephanie Meyer for producing this. (Not a big fan of hers but I will give credit where it is due).

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star50 tpng AustenlandDelightful and Hillarious!
By AnnaTalisha
Really loved Shannon Hale’s original novel “Austenland” and was thrilled to hear that they were making a movie! Although the movie deviates from the book in several aspects it didn’t make me like it any less. Such a delightfully funny movie full of an eclectic cast that delivers smiles and laughs throughout! A fan already of Keri Russell, Jane Seymore, and JJ Field I was excited to see them all together. Jennifer Coolidge is quotable and keeps you laughing even after the movie is over! For anyone the least bit obsessed with any facet of Jane Austen’s world this movie will keep you laughing for days and want to share it with all your girl friends!

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