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Goal Zero 23000 Yeti 400 Solar Generator

Category : AUTOMOTIVE · by Apr 2nd, 2014

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Product Description

Quiet, portable power for base camps, cabins and unexpected outages. The Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator allows you to live life off the grid, camp in luxury, or power through an outage without the noise and fumes of traditional back-up generators.

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Goal Zero 23000 Yeti 400 Solar Generator (Product Details and Features)

Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #35437 in Automotive
  • Size: One Size
  • Color: One Color
  • Brand: Goal Zero
  • Model: 23000
  • Released on: 2013-06-03
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 8.00″ h x
    10.25″ w x
    8.00″ l,
    29.00 pounds


  • Power lights, CPAP machines and TVs anywhere with built-in AC inverters
  • Chainable with other Goal Zero Yeti 400 for longer runtimes
  • Safe for indoor use; refuel from wall, car or sun car charger and solar panel sold separately
  • 1.5 ampere USB outlet, 12 volts outlet and 300 watts pure sine AC inverter included

Goal Zero 23000 Yeti 400 Solar Generator is so well-made. And it is not only you are going to please with this good conception and also you are going to satisfy with the reasonable cost in case you compare with the other similar item which is on the internet around the world.

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Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

37 of 37 people found the following review helpful.
star40 tpng Goal Zero 23000 Yeti 400 Solar GeneratorFree energy
By snegopad
Haven’t really had the occasion to really put this through its paces, but the minimal usage it’s seen has been without incident. Performs as expected. Used it to charge up some apple products utilizing a pair of Boulder 30s.One thing Goal Zero needs to work on – inter-product compatibility. The fact that I have to contact the manufacturer to get an adapter cable for this to work with the boulder 30 solar panels is idiotic. Especially for the price of the products. To make the adapter issue more confusing and annoying, they DO include a 4.7mm to 8mm adapter cable. A universal connector is NOT a novel concept. There’s the wall plug, USB, 12v car adapter…. There’s even a connector called the Anderson connector.At a minimum – provide the damn 8mm to 8mm connector in the box as well if you’re not going to standardize your solar connectors.

38 of 42 people found the following review helpful.
star30 tpng Goal Zero 23000 Yeti 400 Solar GeneratorIs this product right for you?
By ATHiker
This is a good to great product for its design capacity. It is a power pack only! Only AC charging in this option (other option sold separately). Solar Generator is a misnomer if you have solar panels for this, it will recharge. A more correct name would be a power pack (option for a solar recharge). It is just a 29lbs box with a 12 volt 33Ah AGM Lead Acid battery (~400 watts) with 1.5 ampere USB outlet, 12 volts outlet and 300 watts pure sine AC inverter.First (is this product right for you?), you need to know what you want to power and for how long (run-time). This is true for any alternative power product. If you don’t know the watts, you can buy a watt meter for less than $20, or if the manufacturer has the information, you can look on the web or call. Note most manufacturer ratings in manuals are for Max power drain.(5 Stars)Product Ratings: quality is 4; functionality 4+; customer service 4-5 (both pre and post); Cost 2; educating users i.e. ads, manual etc. 2. For an overall rating of 3+. Goal Zero can go a long way by having educational series (YouTube) preparing, how to, and best practices including when to use and not use their products. Note on the cost; it is not as much as a function of Goal Zero over charging but that the more mobile and multifunctional the more costly it becomes.This product is a low power option ~400 watts and is only good for low power items like cell phone, radios, cordless phone power base, some LED lighting or small LED TVs and some CPAPs. If you can use a portable gas generator, you can get a 2,000 watts units for less than this item. The main use most people that I have talk too about this products is as a backup for a CPAP which is one reason I use it.If your CPAP with humidifier is 90 Watts with AC (ex. ResMed S9 CPAP), then here how to work out the power. Using the AC uses about 20% to covert DC to AC so the unit (Yeti 400) now is 320 watts. 320/90 = about 3+ hours. But if you use the humidifier on low the CPAP is somewhere between 40 to 70 watts so 320/40 watts is about 8 hours. My CPAP (not a S9) has a Car DC adapter (No loss for going from DC to AC and back to DC again.). that uses only 11 watts without humidifier installed and because I am NOT using the AC; I have ~400 watts. This comes out to be about 36 hours (about 4 and a half nights). This is why some reviews looks contradictory.I also have a portable gas generator so why did I get the Yeti 400. I live in a rural area with power outages between 7 and 10 times a year. Most outages are only for a few hours and occur in bad weather and at night. Moving the generator outside and running power cords (open windows or doors for the cables) are best done in the daylight and not during bad weather. Also I use it car camping, remote photo shoots, and other mobile activities. Its’ mobility and the fact that I only need about 250 watts (min mobile) is why I choose it.

22 of 26 people found the following review helpful.
star50 tpng Goal Zero 23000 Yeti 400 Solar GeneratorGreat 400 Watt power supply
By hepkitten5678
We got this 400 watt Goal Zero for our many camping trips to power up my husbands CPAP sleeping machine. As we did not have time to build our own power supply, this seemed like a good option for a decent price.It worked perfect! On a full charge he was able to run his Respronics CPAP machine for 2 full nights.We purchased the Goal 30M solar panel for it’s portability, it does however take in full perfect sun about 24 hours total to completely charge the 400 watt power supply.My next purchase will be another 30M solar panel, as you can daisy chain them together and get a total of 60M meaning a twice as fast charge.It does require you keep it charged up when not in use, but I can’t think of a time when I would not be using it. At home we use it to charge phones, laptops, and more. Plus it’s great for a power outage, you can plug in your freezer and keep it up and running for 7 hours. It will be used daily to save on my electric bills.All in all we are very pleased with this system and I would highly recommend it for anyone needing backup power.

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