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Generac 6000 LP3250 3,250 Watt 212cc OHV Portable Liquid Propane Powered Generator with Tank Holder

Category : AUTOMOTIVE · by Apr 2nd, 2014

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Product Description

Take the LP3250 along for outdoor events, camping or job site use, or use it around the home for projects and emergency backup. As consumers become more conscious of their green footprint, they look for ways to use less fossil fuel, but ideally not at the expense of convenience. For many applications, propane is the answer. Unlike gasoline, Liquid Propane can be stored indefinitely without deterioration, and safely transported without spillage. Propane is also readily available and is used by millions of people to fuel everything from furnaces to grills to vehicles. This means you wont need to run out to a gas station to stock up on fuel when your power goes out. Liquid propane also emits low carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons and fewer toxic pollutants than gasoline. Liquid propane is also non-toxic and biodegradable. Until now, the only options available in a portable propane generator required the propane tank to be separately carried, where it would then sit to the side of the generator while in use. The LP3250 incorporates a tank holder into the frame itself, so the propane tank sits securely out of the way. This eliminates the hassle of a stand-alone tank and the awkward fuel line that goes along with it. The LP3250 also includes your quart of oil, a wheel kit for easy portability, and a 2 year residential warranty. The propane tank is not included. This unit has two standard 5-20R 120V outlets, and one L14-20R 120/240V twist-lock outlet.

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Generac 6000 LP3250 3,250 Watt 212cc OHV Portable Liquid Propane Powered Generator with Tank Holder (Product Details and Features)

Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #56604 in Lawn & Patio
  • Size: 1
  • Brand: Generac
  • Model: 6000
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 24.75″ h x
    23.50″ w x
    39.50″ l,
    137.00 pounds


  • Portable propane-powered generator with an easy-to-transportdesign and 212cc OHV engine
  • Reliable 3,250-watt power supply; 3,750 surge watts
  • Uses standard 20 or 30 pound liquid propane tank for easy portability (fuel tank not included)
  • Covered outlets protected from the elements; circuit breakers for overload protection
  • Non-CARB Compliant/Not For Sale In California

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Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

94 of 96 people found the following review helpful.
star40 tpng Generac 6000 LP3250 3,250 Watt 212cc OHV Portable Liquid Propane Powered Generator with Tank HolderA few gotcha items UPDATE – how to start
By Bruce H
UPDATE: The generator runs fine and I made the decision to skip running it 30 minutes each week. I’m hoping that that recommendation is really a hold over from their gasoline powered generators… as was their (printed booklet) starting instructions! These instructions are different from the decal on the generator…but that decal is small and basically icons and therefor easy to ignore if you have the booklet in hand.>>>With a gasoline small engine you apply the choke to make the mixture rich, pull the starter cord gently to prime the engine, and then pull to start, keeping the choke on until the engine warms up; with the propane engine you prime the engine by pressing a button for two seconds (you can hear the propane filling the cylinder), apply the choke and pull twice (don’t know why), then OPEN the choke and start by pulling. The engine will not run (or start) with the choke applied.<<<________________________________________________________________________________________________________I've been waiting for my electrician to wire up an outside, 220V outlet so I can use this generator to power up selected circuits in my house during a power outage... so I actually haven't powered it up yet! But I have made a couple of observations (below) that might be helpful for deciding whether to purchase this generator. I will update the review later after firing it up.First the good:1) Delivery (by contract trucking firm) was very efficient2) Assembly was easy - even for one person (a second person would have been handy to hold up end while attaching wheels)3) Seems to be well-builtNow the gotchas;4) Instructions recommend running generator for 30 minutes.... once a week! at half rated load you will use up the propane tank in 18 weeks and, since you can't top off a propane tank (well, you can if you are willing to pay for a full tank), this weekly run will leave you with less run time in a power loss.5) Instructions also recommend you adjust the valve clearance after the first 50 hours of use (and then every 300 hours)... but provides no details. Suggests you take it to the authorized service center if you don't feel comfortable with this service.6) To change or regap spark plug, or adjust valve clearance, you will have to take the generator's housing apart - not a good design.7) If you are not going to run it for more than 30 days they recommend changing the oil and putting some oil in the cylinder to lubricate and protect the cylinder - again, taking the generator housing apart.

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star20 tpng Generac 6000 LP3250 3,250 Watt 212cc OHV Portable Liquid Propane Powered Generator with Tank HolderDoesn’t do it for me
By SluggoMagoo
I got this unit during the recent northeast power outage caused by an October snow storm. My other generator when down. I was out for 5 days, 19 hours and 20 minutes. The manuals are not on line on the manufacture’s website so there’s no valid specification to be reviewed. You have to assemble this item. The orange tank shield is extremely cheesy. The nuts that are inserted to keep it secure pop right out when you move the generator causing a safety issue because then the tank could fall off of the unit. Also make sure you use this in a well ventilated area away from people because I’ve used 3 different tanks with it and during the operation the unit smells like propane and that’s not good. The advertisement says that it will do 3250 watts but in reality using 120 volts it will only do 2400 watts. I couldn’t run both my freezer and refrigerator at the same time. It also wouldn’t run my freezer using a 10 gauge extension cord. I had to move my freezer to the entrance of the garage to keep it running while the generator was outside. For the money get a gasoline unit that performs better.I’ve asked Amazon for a refund and return!

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star50 tpng Generac 6000 LP3250 3,250 Watt 212cc OHV Portable Liquid Propane Powered Generator with Tank HolderSaved the day when Sandy came to town
By R. Goltsch
Let’s start this conversation with a discussion of gasoline versus propane….If you have a choice, buy propane or natural gas. A gasoline generator uses 5 gallons of gas for about 10 hours of use. My propane generator gets 9 hours on a 20 pound tank. It uses the same tanks your gas grill uses. It is much easier to hook up a new tank than to fill the gas tank from a five gallon gas jug….who wants to pour gasoline on a hot engine anyway? I also did it because I wanted my wife to be able to hook things up if I am away. Who wants to have to go out and get gas two times a day? Or be forced to own 2-3 five gallon cans of gas? And imagine lifting that five gallon can in the winter outside, patiently waiting for that small nozzle to feed all that gas into the tank. 5 gallons of gas weighs over 30 pounds, plus the weight of the container. 30 pounds doesn’t sound like a lot until you are standing outside on a winter night, on a slippery ice covered patio, holding a flashlight with one hand and the tank in the other. Yes, I now own three propane tanks…..but I can store the propane almost indefinitely, or I can use it on my gas grill next summer.I purchased this generator three days after Hurricane Sandy hit NJ. We were without power from midway through the storm, and the estimates for the return of power were in weeks. I was lucky enough to find one, and when I was offered the choice between a gas or propane unit, it was an easy decision for me. As some of you might have read, the NJ area had issues getting gasoline to the people. With gas stations have 3 hour waits, I had an over two hour wait to get gas in my car, and they limited everyone to $30. So if I had wanted to fill up two 5 gallon cans with gas, I would have only filled the second one about halfway before my $30 ran out. However, I was able to stop at the local garden center and get my propane tanks refilled for $20 each with no wait in line.This 3750 watt unit powered my entire house except for some minor things. That is about 30 amps. I have oil for my heat, and natural gas for my stove, laundry dryer and hot water, so we don’t need that much. It powered a refrigerator, a standup freezer in the basement, a few Tivo’s, televisions, all the lights (Although I did go around and unscrew any incandescent bulbs and replace them with low wattage compact fluorescents) and everyone’s laptops, cell phones and iPads. I asked that the girls not use hair dryer, the microwave, the toaster or the heating element on the dishwasher. Basically, anything with a heating element….those draw a lot of current. To give you an idea of how efficient new products are, my new 60″ LED backlit Sharp TV draws less than a pair of 100 watt light bulbs. The old fashioned toaster draws 1200 watts.We could also use any of the big three loads (Washer, drier, dishwasher) but only one at a time. And we also had the sump pump on the entire time, but it only cycles occasionally. If I had any choice in sizes of a generator, I would have gone for at least 5000 watts to make it a more seamless transition to the power. Some people recommend 7-8000 watts….but if you can live with a few inconveniences, I would stay smaller. The larger generators use more gas per hour. They have bigger tanks, so you fill them the same amount of times per day, you just add more fuel each time. Remember, the generator is like a car… can buy a Corvette or a Chevette for going to work, but if you always drive in traffic, you are wasting energy with that big V-8 where you only need a 4 cylinder.As for the generator itself, it took about 45 minutes for my daughter and I to put it together. They give you a 30-50 page manual that is of little assistance actually assembling the darn thing. Hang on to that so you can read the specs and how often to change the oil and adjust the rest of the unit……But the folks at Generac had one of those one color page instruction sheets hidden in the box. Look for it; it is an illustrated instruction manual on how to get the thing together. It was great. The box also included a quart of oil and a special funnel to fill it with. That was a nice touch, as I have read horror stories about some generators and how difficult it is to get the oil in the units…this one was easy.The motor is covered with a nicely constructed cowl that covers the motor. There is a big muffler on this machine to keep the noise down. I can only compare it to all my neighbors’ units they had running the last week. This unit seems a bit quieter, but my one neighbor has a generator that looks like it was manufactured in 1970….your mileage may vary. To give you an idea on the noise, we set ours up in the yard, about 5 feet from the back wall of the house. It was cold, so the windows were closed. We could hear it when in the room directly adjacent to the generator, but once we went into other rooms, we hardly heard it….it was more like you felt it, a low frequency hum that we were only aware of if we listened for it.This unit has a nicely painted frame. It looks to be powder coated….it seems that it will take a bit of abuse and not start rusting sitting in the garage like some of the cheapie generators I have seen at some people’s houses. The handles fold down so you can fit this thing in the back of an SUV and close the door. Actually, it fit easily in my wife’s 2006 Explorer…..plenty of room to spare. I’ll warn you now, this thing is heavy, about 120 pounds. Get help if you expect to lift it in the car. The tank is held on board the generator nicely. The tank doesn’t rattle around in its rack. You install the tank and hook up the gas, and can wheel the generator anywhere, all in one nice package.The generator took three pulls to start the first time we started it….ok, maybe more like ten pulls, but that was because I forgot to open the valve on the propane tank before I started it. It took only three pulls after I opened the valve. There is a nice label on the top of the generator showing the instructions on how to start the unit….open the valve, press the primer button for one second, close the choke, turn the power switch to on and pull the rope start. Once it fires up, open the choke and you are good to go. One note for those who cannot get it started….I noticed that I didn’t need to close the choke hardly any bit at all. In fact, the one time I moved the choke fully to its most restricted position, the unit would not start. I found moving it midway through its total range of motion was enough to start it.This model has four 110VAC plugs, and one 220VAC twist-lock plug. I personally used the 220 VAC plug to tie the power into my house. It worked well. After my power came back on, we took the generator to my parents’ house. They used the four 110 VAC outlets. Those also worked well. There is no meter on the generator for voltage output or hours used. I would recommend that you keep a chart on hour usage, so you can change the oil at regular intervals.The power that comes out of most generators is what some might call “noisy”. It is not as smooth a wave form as what you get from the power company. Because of this, you might find, like I did, that your uninterruptable power supplies might not work. Ours APC BE450G Back-UPS ES 8-Outlet 450VA 120V Uninterrupted Power Supplyclicked and beeped like the power was still off. Doing some research, I found that many UPS units don’t like the not so clean frequency output of the generator (Not just this unit, most low cost home generators). I found that the solution was to remove the UPS until normal power returned and simply use a run of the mill power strip. Besides that, they were no issues using any device in my house. For those that use a CPAP machine, my Resmed CPAP machine worked just fine on the power from my generator, no issues during the use, and afterward back on city power.With the all usage I listed above, we got about 9 hours of use per 20 pound tank of propane. Keep this in mind…when you fill your propane tank, you don’t always get 20 pounds of propane. Some (Not all) of those refill services at the big box stores only fill the tanks with 15 pounds of propane… remember when you calculate how much time your generator will last. If my garden center gives me 19 pounds and the big box gives me 15 pounds, I am going to get about 20% less time of use out of that tank.

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