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Generac 5940 GP6500 6,500 Watt 389cc OHV Portable Gas Powered Generator

Category : AUTOMOTIVE · by Apr 2nd, 2014

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Product Description

Offering an even more compact frame for 2011, the Generac GP6500 portable gas-powered generator (model 5940) provides a reliable 6,500-watt power supply wherever you need it and a maximum power output of 8,000 watts. An OHV (overhead valve) engine delivers performance and power, while a sturdy steel-tube cradle protects the generator’s exterior. For safe and comfortable use, the circuit-breaker outlets prevent power overloads, and the low-tone muffler makes for ultra quiet operation.

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The hardened steel-tube cradle, fold-down handle, and wheel kit ensure both durability and portability (see larger image).

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Generac 5940 GP6500 6,500 Watt 389cc OHV Portable Gas Powered Generator (Product Details and Features)

Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #26335 in Lawn & Patio
  • Brand: Generac
  • Model: 5940
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 25.00″ h x
    26.75″ w x
    28.75″ l,
    184.00 pounds


  • Portable gas-powered generator with 389cc OHV engine
  • Reliable 6,500-watt power supply; 8,000 surge watts
  • Solid, never-flat wheels; ergonomic fold-down handle with locking capabilities
  • 7.2-gallon steel fuel tank with incorporated fuel gauge; runs up to 10 hours at 50% load
  • Non-CARB Compliant/Not For Sale In California

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Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

51 of 54 people found the following review helpful.
star30 tpng Generac 5940 GP6500 6,500 Watt 389cc OHV Portable Gas Powered GeneratorThings I wish I had known before I bought
July 2012 Update: The fuel tank has sarted leaking. There is a leak in the bottom center of the tank. The fuel was dripping straight down onto the generator while it was running. The power has been out for 5 days and the generator had about 95 hours on the meter. It had run out of fuel in the middle of the night, which I attributed to having more of a load than the previous nights. (It usually runs until morning) When I fueled it up the next evening, I could smell the smell of gasoline in the house after it had run for about 20 minutes. When I looked at it, i noticed a spray of fuel from the bottom of the fuel tank, right in the middle spraying down onto the generator.After the break-in peroiod, I drained the tank, ran it until it was dry, drained the float bowl and left the tank open for a few days to get rid of any fumes. The tank was completely dry inside for storage. I keep it in the garage, completely dry and there are no signs of rust in/on the tank. I am assuming that the steel tank developed the crack from the vibration during the last 5 days. In a stroke of good luck, the power to the house was restored 10 minutes after I discovered the leak.To be fair, until the tank started leaking, the generator had performed perfectly. It provided plenty of power and will run all night on a single tank. It’s easy to move around and re-fill and has always started on the first pull.I wish Generac could just send me a new tank to replace this one, but I will have to get it to an authorized repir shop to have the tank replaced under warranty. When I called Generac, they told me to call a local shop for warranty work. If you are thinking of buying one, it would probably be a good idea to see if you have a shop near you where you can get warranty work done. Better yet, download the manual and read the warranty before you buy so you know what you are getting into.Original Review:It’s my fault. I admit that, but I was in a hurry. With more research, I could have found these things out, however, I made some assumptions that bit me in the hiney.1. I assumed it would be easy to return the generator to Amazon if I was not happy with it. Generators cannot be returned to Amazon. I would have to go through the manufacturer, and from the reviews, they are very hard to deal with.2. I assumed the engine was manufactured in the USA. I like to buy U.S. made products (if they are the same or better quality) and I can afford it. Only the XG line of generators have engines made in the USA. The GP line engines are made in china.3. I assumed this engine had an oil filter. THIS ENGINE DOES NOT HAVE AN OIL FILTER. I planned to keep this generator for a VERY long time. I believe that an oil filter is a good idea when one plans to have a gas engine last a long time. I think this is a lot of money to pay for a disposable generator… however, I don’t have an oil filter on my lawnmower, and that thing has been running for years and years. Who knows, still I’d rather have one with a filter. ***UPDATE*** MY BUDDY TELLS ME THAT USUALLY ONLY COMMERCIAL MODEL GENERATORS HAVE OIL FILTERS (NOT JUST GENERAC, BUT MOST BRANDS).4. I assumed this was an 8000 watt generator. This is a 6500 watt generator with a surge (starting) capacity of 8000 watts. The Amazon product title says clearly “8000 Watt 389cc OHV Portable Gas Powered Generator”. I thought I was getting a good price on an 8000 watt generator, but actually, it was an average price on a 6500 watt generator. For about $100 more, I would have gone to my local hardware store and purchased a 6500 watt generator with more features (load meter, removal control panel and oil filter) with a name brand engine (subaru or yamaha). Plus I would have the option of an easy return if there was a problem with it, or I was not happy with it.Having said all that, the assembly (attaching the wheels and handle) was easy. It started on the first pull. I havn’t used it for an actual power outage, i’m just running it to break it in. I’ve only got about an hour on the engine, but it’s working fine so far. It’s a little louder than I thought it would be, but I can’t count that as a negative. I wish someone made a magnetic dipstick for this generator, but I can’t seem to find one online, so I’ll probably try to make my own. I am planning on keeping this generator and buying a second cheap and tiny generator just in case this one can’t run everything I want to run during a power outage. Something like an $89 harborfreight special.

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star40 tpng Generac 5940 GP6500 6,500 Watt 389cc OHV Portable Gas Powered GeneratorNice generator, poor packaging by Generac.
By Dan
The generator was assembled, oil and fuel was added, and just like most other reviews state of Generac portible generators, it started on the first pull and ran perfect for the hour I tested it out with my transfer switch and all items I intend to use in a power outage running. No issues at all with the generator. My only issue is with Generac’s packaging. Potential buyers should be aware that if buying online where fright shipping is required, there is at least a decent chance your generator will arrive damaged. The first Generac generator ordered was damaged beyond safe use due to poor packaging. This one was ordered though Home Depot online, not Amazon. As it turned out, even though it took 3 full weeks to see the generator, it was a bonus because I was simply able to drop it off at my local store for a refund. Home Depot was out of stock everywhere on this model, so ordered the second one from Amazon and got it in 4 days! Should have done that the first time… The Generac packaging is a thin tight fitting cardboard box. I read of Generac generators being delivered with dented control panels. This was true of my first unit. The panel was severely dented in which also destroyed the electronics enclosure behind the panel, exposing the electronics to the weather. The fuel tank flange was bent at the two mounting points where it attaches to the control panel, a leak waiting to happen. The second generator, ordered from Amazon, faired better. Only a slight push in on the panel that caused no other damage. I pulled it out and all is well. These are not inexpensive items. If I didn’t NEED the generator, I would have sent this one back too, but it is safe to use otherwise so I kept it. Generac should correct this with a better box. A simple strip of wood across the panel would correct this issue. These items are NOT packaged for safe shipment by Generac. BTW, before returning the first generator, I did call Generac to see if the damage may be covered by warrantee. They were in no way interested in helping with anything. In fact, if not for the fact that I was sold on this particular model for the performance vs. cost, I would have NOT purchased a second generator from Generac. I truly hope I never need to use the two year warrantee as I do not feel it will go well. Customer service was “snippy” and ready to tell me it was my problem before I even finished explaining the situation! Great generator, not so sure about the company…

32 of 36 people found the following review helpful.
star10 tpng Generac 5940 GP6500 6,500 Watt 389cc OHV Portable Gas Powered GeneratorDo not buy
I bought this generator in Nov 2011 and still today May 22, 2012 I still do not have a generator. It arrived defective and I brought it to a repair store like instructed by Generac. According to Generac they still do not have available parts from there suppler and that it should be avail shortly. I have been hearing that excuse for since Jan 2012 and they refuse to issue a new generator or refund stating that according to the warranty that they are able to fix it and it does not require a replacement or refund. I guess they can keep your money and generator and not have to do anything about it. I have contacted BBB and they recommended legal action since I still do not have my money, a replacement or working generator. This has to be the most horrifying experience I have ever had with anyone. I order a lot of products on-line but this company is horrible. I did not buy it from Amazon but another site. Just remember that once you put gas in the generator you can not ship it back to the buyer and have to deal with Generac. Read the other reviews on different sites and you will see that this is a common practice with this company. Good luck…

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