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200 kV Van deGraaf Generator, Assembled

Category : AUTOMOTIVE · by Apr 2nd, 2014

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Product Description

Create your own lightning with these time-tested devices that have delighted students for decades! Named after the inventor Van de Graaf, a German physicist, this machine produces low-amperage static electricity that can be “shocking” but perfectly safe. Two different pulleys with 2 neoprene belts inside a 1.75″ plastic column create and carry static charge up to the 7″ polished aluminum collector globe. You can draw out this static charge in a burst of lightning, sparks, or you can even set each hair on your head on end! It’s an incredible display! The entire unit is 18″ tall and runs on 110VAC and includes a ground clip for discharge wands. Our comprehensive instruction book tells you how to raise hair, produce lightning and electric wind, experiment with St. Elmo’s fire or electrostatic attraction and repulsion. For a stunning display use the matching “discharge wand” with your VG200 and watch the sparks fly between the two globes! If you’re looking for a really neat experience and want to learn the basics at the same time, the Van deGraaf generator kit is for you. If you can’t wait to build it and just want to have a ball with the sparks, we even offer it factory assembled and tested! Your choice! If 200 kV isn’t enough zap for you, check out our VG400 – 400 kV Van deGraaf Generator! (So we got these in, our techs set one up, and they called me to make my hair stand up on end….wait, my hair fell out when I was 22!)

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200 kV Van deGraaf Generator, Assembled (Product Details and Features)

Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #8286 in Consumer Electronics
  • Brand: Ramsey
  • Dimensions: 5.30 pounds


  • 200,000 volt potential!
  • Sparks up to 5″!
  • Operates in high humidity!
  • Make Your Hair Stand Up On End!
  • Not for use by individuals with pacemakers or other implanted electronic medical devices
  • Factory Assembled and Tested

200 kV Van deGraaf Generator, Assembled is so well-made. And it is not only you are going to please with this good conception and also you are going to satisfy with the reasonable cost in case you compare with the other similar item which is on the internet around the world.

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Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

13 of 15 people found the following review helpful.
star40 tpng 200 kV Van deGraaf Generator, AssembledShocking
By Linsinbigler
Lets be honest, if you are looking at this product you are either a teacher that would like to use it in your class or you are a person that likes electricity. No matter what you probably only care about one thing, the shock factor. This Van DeGraaf delivers with its promise. On a good dry day I can get bolts that range up to three inches. On a humid day however you will be lucky to get a tingle. All in all it is a great product that can entertain a group of people for hours. If you are worried about the safety issue, let me put your mind at ease. You cannot receive any permanent damage from this product. This is a safe, fun way to experiment with the properties of static electricity.

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful.
star50 tpng 200 kV Van deGraaf Generator, AssembledExcellent Van deGraaf
By Amazon Customer
This is a high quality, well made and powerful Van deGraaf generator that will produce a lightning spark about 4″ for great school demonstations regarding static discharge or just for pure, fascinating fun. I suggest purchasing the optional discharge globe for spectacular effects instead of a wand or such; seeing that if you forget to properly ground yourself you’re in for a pretty painful reality check.

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful.
star40 tpng 200 kV Van deGraaf Generator, AssembledFun science fair project
By Judy Young
This thing was great fun. my son recieved a medal for his first place award at his science fair. the instructions were a little hard to get through as in some cases what you were looking at was not exactly as it is described. but aside from that this was a lot of fun. this one is definately strong enough to stand your hair on end, it did mine and i have mid back length hair. yes it will shock you, my kids were enjoying tormenting one another but it is similar to a hard carpet shock.

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