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1200 Watt Portable Generator

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41XWv nh2SL. SL500  1200 Watt Portable Generator

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Product Description

Coleman CM04101 Features: -Portable Generator. -Product Contains (1) 120-Volt AC outlet and 12V DC outlet. -2 stroke. -Easy start engine with run / stop switch for added convenience. -Lightweight and easy-to-carry handle for transport. -Rubber feet minimize crawing and vibration. -EPA certificate. -Will last for 8 hours on one tank of gas at 50% load. -Produces 58 decibels. -Rated frequency: 60Hz. -Rated output: 900W. -Peak output: 1000W. -Dimensions: 14.96″ H x 14.96″ W x 15.75″ D.

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1200 Watt Portable Generator (Product Details and Features)

Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #70629 in Lawn & Patio
  • Brand: Otech H Series
  • Model: 1200XF
  • Dimensions: 14.96″ h x
    14.96″ w x
    15.75″ l,
    50.00 pounds

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Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

87 of 88 people found the following review helpful.
star50 tpng 1200 Watt Portable GeneratorDoes what it says it will do *****Updated 28 Oct 2010
By Bart Tanning
It took some cranking to get it started and ran a little rough when it did start up. Its a 2 cycle so it sounds like a weed wacker. But it did smooth out after running for a while and now it starts on the first pull. It seems a bit loud when you are right up on it, but when you walk 50 or so feet away, its just a humm…pretty nice little generator and it does put out good power and revs itself up when you apply an electrical load. i didn’t get exactly what was pictured, the one I got did not have the tubular frame around it, but a carry handle to install ontop of the gas tank. I am happy with it just the same though. I know engines pretty good, so make sure you follow the instructions and use a rich fuel/oil mixture (30:1) to break it in for at least the first five gallons of gas, then reduce to a 50:1 ratio mix. This will make the engine run smoother, longer. Its a good one for the money, I bought it for my 18′ travel trailer and it runs everything, even my mmicrowave. Im happy with it.Oct 28 2010 update. Ive had this for some months now…still works great. the only thing that happened to it is that the little screw that holds the power receptical in fell out. I put it back in and used a little loc-tite. you might want to keep some handy if you buy it. I must say also that this is an efficient little generator. With minumum loads…like just watching movies pulling 100 watts, you should get a good 6 or 7 hours out of it at least. 600 watts, like powertools and the like, 3 to 4 hours of continuouse use…thats pretty good. I hope that helps.

46 of 46 people found the following review helpful.
star50 tpng 1200 Watt Portable Generatorwhoknows330
By H. Hulford
I used this generator for camping, plug my 21ft rv in no problems. I also have 2 15watt solar panels to charge my one 12volt deep cycle both work great together.I would purchase another if this one fails. It’s been two years.

53 of 56 people found the following review helpful.
star50 tpng 1200 Watt Portable GeneratorNot for the faint of heart, but great item anyway.
By T. Fisher
EDIT FOR HURRICANE SANDY!!!I have since switched to an ACDelco 41-800 Platinum plug and am now using fuel at 40:1 gas:oil ratio, the instructions recommend 50:1 but I think this is just too lean for an engine that will pull a heavy load *therefore high temperatures* for hours on end. Engine performance with the platinum plug is amazing, it runs smooth and there is almost no spark knock anymore. Switching to premium fuel further improved performance and smoothness.I’m at the end of my Royal Purple TCW-III and all I had available before the storm was Lucas Semi-Synthetic two stroke oil and it runs well. I’ll be doing a head-to-head comparison here soon to see what this engine likes better.EDIT FOR JULY 2012!!!In the aftermath of the Derecho, I decided to see if this would run my frige, it runs my smaller refrigerator (5.0 Amp running) comfortably, but I had to turn the idle up to where the volt meter reads about 125V and back down on the governor tension (phillips screw above pull start recessed about 1/3″ into the case) slightly.Just play with the settings until you get it right and this generator will start pretty much anything.Remember, I purchased this in MAY 2010… it’s been AWESOME. I wish I could give it 10 stars, it’s been a life saver.ORIGINAL REVIEW:I purchased this item just for a small amount of portable power, rarely over 250W. The item arrived on time, but the box was incredibly beat up. When I opened the package, the air cleaner was smashed to bits. However the engine ran and the generator worked fine.I fixed it for under ten bucks here’s how:1 ACE Hardware generic lawnmower foam filter 8 bucks1 Radioshack smallest project enclosure 2 bucksTake the whole intake apart, take the bolts out of the carb and be careful not to lose any of the gaskets. Take the thin metal spacer out. Take the gasket that goes between the carburetor and the air box and place it dead center in the middle of your RS project enclosure on the bottom. Tape it down with blue painters’ tape and trace with a sharpie. With a drill press (must use a drill press) drill out the two screw holes with a 1/4 inch bit. Then Drill out the center with a 3/8″ and wiggle the project enclosure around the spinning bit to carve out the entire center section to almost the outside outline of your tracing. Get all plastic / metal chips out of the box.With the control panel unbolted and moved to the side bolt this to the carb and decide how much of the factory airbox you’re going to have to cut out. Cut out a hole big enough for the box to stick through, (careful not to get chips into the carb) put the one control panel bolt left back in, it’ll be enough to hold.Now on to the lid: tape a piece of 1/4 inch graph paper to the top with blue painters’ tape. With about a 1/8 inch bit, drill where the lines cross in a 4X6 rectangle in the center. Doesn’t really matter how many holes, just don’t compromise the integrity of the cover.On to the foam element: Take the generic foam filter and cut it to around 1x the depth of the box and 1.5-2X the length and the width. Oil it up pretty good and stuff it in there.Put the lid on and voila. You just took a broken generator and made a working one for ten bucks. That’s nothing to sneeze at.Now that it does work, I find it works great, I absolutely love it and I will but another one if this one ever fails.=================================EDIT – I’ve owned this for several months and it still ROCKSTHIS THING WILL RUN A SAWZALL LIKE IT’S NOTHING! I cut through SOLID OAK with a Sawzall for FOUR HOURS with this machine! I’ve trimmed countless hedges, used it with my Black and Decker drill to drill countless holes in steel, it’s done everything I’ve asked it to. It’ll even run a 9-amp vacuum cleaner for almost a minute when it’s cool. I’ve even used it with my 550-watt drill press.FUEL: I run at 20:1 or richer with Royal Purple TCW-IIIMaintenance: NGK B7ES Spark plug, frequent air filter cleanings, frequent spark plug checks. One tip I like to give people is don’t put the spark plug in too tight because all you’re gonna do is strip the threads. I have mine in about minimum torque and check it frequently — That’s how I do all my equipment and have for about six years now.Recap – After a few months of ownership:Power 10/10Reliability 10/10Return on investment 10/10Ease of use 10/10

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