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The Fifth Estate [HD]

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The Fifth Estate [HD] (Product Details and Features)

Product Details

  • Released on: 2014-01-28
  • Rating: R (Restricted)
  • Subtitled in:
  • Running time: 129 minutes

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star40 tpng The Fifth Estate [HD]Don’t miss this picture.
By L. Mauk
First – this movie is worth the price just to watch Benedict Cumberbatch deliver this extraordinary performance. The scene at Domscheit-Berg’s parent’s house alone should garner him a nomination. Second – it’s actually quite a good picture with a flawed opening that presumes the audience is already quite familiar with Wikileaks and the story. Most Americans aren’t that familiar and so, we are a bit lost at first.It’s true that the original intention was to do a hatchet job on Assange. As most know who followed the film’s progress, Cumberbatch refused and that’s reflected in the picture. But whatever BS they tried to get away with, it’s totally worth the price for what it does deliver: information most Americans don’t have. Our government tried to ban access to the Wikileaks, they seized the site. How and why that happened is pretty interesting. As Assange says “This is information the world needs to know.” It does. Don’t let naysayers put you off. Don’t miss this.

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star40 tpng The Fifth Estate [HD]“Give a man a mask, and he will tell you the truth.”
By Anthony L.
In light of it’s mixed critical response and box office failure, I avoided THE FIFTH ESTATE for a long time. More fool me. Having seen the film with an open mind, I now have no idea why the film was viewed so negatively. Was it because critics did not agree with Assange as a person? Did they feel the film didn’t give enough insight into Wikileaks? Did they have a problem with the pacing? I don’t know.Right from the opening scene – a hugely ambitious montage of human knowledge through the ages, The Fifth Estate establishes itself as stylish and riveting. Benedict Cumberbatch hits the nail home as Julian Assange! His crazy Aussie cyber-punk bent on transparency and informational freedom is in many ways his most mature, compelling performance. Daniel Bruhl is the human centre of the film, giving a relatable, conflicted performance of depth and subtlety. The outstanding cast is rounded off by an excellent David Thewlis, Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens, future-Doctor Peter Capaldi, and an entertaining Laura Linney and Stanley Tucci. When the screenplay gets wonky, Condon’s cast brings home the message like a hammer.Equally impressive is Tobias Schliessler’s rich and vibrant neo-noir visuals. Coupled with the fantastic Carter Burwell’s score, we have a film that is technically adept AND terrifically acted. Now we come to the screenplay, and this is where I have to disagree with the critics. It is tremendously hard to write a screenplay on WikiLeaks that has a satisfying conclusion, especially considering how the story of Assange and WikiLeaks is ongoing and actually rather anticlimactic. But Josh Singer managed to make his story satisfying and relevant…a feat I give the film credit for.CONS: Singer’s screenplay, while structured well, just doesn’t give us enough insight into Assange’s incredible character other than through exposition. Who knows how great a film THE FIFTH ESTATE could be if Condon and Co. went all out with a dangerous, edgy look at WikiLeaks? At times the film feels like a globe-trotting adventure as characters hop from Brussels to Berlin to Iceland and Kenya without much breath in between. And as the REAL Assange has so succinctly pointed out, there is something to be desired in the accuracy department here.But in conclusion, I really enjoyed THE FIFTH ESTATE – much more than I anticipated. Benedict Cumberbatch gives an electric and outstanding performance, and is supported by an experienced and smart supporting cast. The film is technically adept, moving, and actually quite thought-provoking. I can safely recommend THE FIFTH ESTATE as flawed, but riveting entertainment. My rating: Four Estates out of Five. If this review is helpful in your decision (or not) to purchase this film, please give it a like.

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star30 tpng The Fifth Estate [HD]Intriguing, Fun, Shallow
By Danusha V. Goska
Everyone seems to be mad at this movie because everyone who talks about it comes to it with a strong opinion about Julian Assange, and they wanted the film to depict him as a savior or a monster. I didn’t have those preconceptions and I enjoyed the film from the opening title sequence. That sequence depicts hands carving hieroglyphics in Ancient Egypt, illuminated manuscripts, the first printing press, newspapers, computers – the myriad ways humans communicate. It’s a title sequence Frank Capra would love.I found “The Fifth Estate” intriguing, fun, and moving. Benedict Cumberbatch is very good as Assange. The movie wants you to be impressed by him at first, but slowly to see his feet of clay, and Cumberbatch does that job. Daniel Bruhl plays Daniel Domscheit Berg, Assange’s partner. Bruhl expresses disappointed hero worship very well. Assange is invited to Berg’s home for dinner, and he disrespects Berg’s polite parents. That intimate, believable scene makes you hate Assange in a way that his secret-releasing shenanigans might not.”The Fifth Estate” struggles, as all computer-related films do, to depict life on a computer. It creates a fake office with the sky as ceiling where Assange’s “volunteers” work. Assange describes his submission process at Wikileaks and pages appear onscreen. These visual flourishes are fun.The movie is interesting and fast-moving but not very deep. There are very big questions at play here and “The Fifth Estate” does not engage them deeply. Laura Linney plays Sarah, an American agent whose contact, Tarek, is endangered by Assange’s revelations. There is some tension as Tarek flees Libya. Will he get out before Assange outs him, or will he and his family be captured and perhaps tortured by their oppressive government?Perhaps if “The Fifth Estate” had been more art than docudrama it could have gone deeper. Imagine a conversation between Sarah and Assange. One could argue for the importance, both strategic and humanitarian, of state secrets, and the other could argue against. Other questions – aren’t secrets inevitable? Accept it: there is stuff you are simply never going to know.And, in the end, what difference did Assange make? The US is still in Afghanistan. Guantanamo still operates. People will pay more attention to Miley Cyrus twerking than to documents about torture in a Third World nation. Someone said once of the Cambodian genocide that no one will ever read all the documents the Khmer Rouge amassed. No one cares enough to do so.Laura Linney is every bit the actor that Benedict Cumberbatch is. I’d love to have heard these two characters have this conversation.

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