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The Counselor (Unrated Extended Cut)

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The Counselor (Unrated Extended Cut) (Product Details and Features)

Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #661 in Movie
  • Released on: 2014-02-11
  • Rating: Unrated
  • Subtitled in:
  • Running time: 138 minutes

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star40 tpng The Counselor (Unrated Extended Cut)An extremely divisive piece of sheer poetry.
By Anthony L.
Cormac McCarthy is not for everyone.His books hit like a brick to the stomach, and are just about as dense. He says *to hell* to grammar and punctuation. Because who needs commas when 17 uses of “and” will do? Why make 12 little sentences when one large one will do? Why make your characters speak normally when they can converse in existential soliloquies? Heck, why name your characters at all?In spite of this, he is probably the most prolific author alive, and one of the most divisive. His sentences can make a grown man weep, laugh, and disturbed…frequently all at once. His characters are broadly drawn, vividly realized, and unforgettable. They inhabit a dark, morally ambiguous world where Argentine vixen go cheetah hunting in the Mexican desert, where people are decapitated by razor wire stretched across roads. This is The Counsellor, a divisive yet stunning look at the nature of greed, evil, and desperation, brought to vivid life by Ridley Scott and his brilliant cast. Welcome to the world of Cormac McCarthy.Whether you want to be in this world, whether you agree with his grand themes, or can even put up with McCarthy’s dense little gems of sentences depends on YOU. There is an equal chance that you will find The Counsellor slow, confusing, and difficult that you will find it thought-provoking, visually stunning, and lyrical. I urge you to watch it and make up your mind. Just know what you’re going in for: this is not an thrill-packed action movie. This is a slow-burning, existential psychological thriller punctuated by moments of visceral violence and constructed of gorgeously rendered soliloquies by an excellent cast.The Counsellor is bound to force you to make an opinion. You will either love this film…or not at all. Don’t sit up a fence, and pick up a copy of this future cult-classic. I give this film 4 stars, but my rating is completely subjective. If this review is helpful in your decision (or not) to purchase this film, please give it a like.P.S. Tell me in the comments: did you like the film or not?

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star30 tpng The Counselor (Unrated Extended Cut)Differences between the Extended Cut and the Theatrical Cut
By Senor Zoidbergo
I’m primarily interested in the storyline differences between the theatrical and extended cuts.The Extended Cut runs roughly 21 minutes longer than the Theatrical Cut. Most of the extra time comes from extended dialogue, although there are one or two new minor scenes.SPOILERS follow so read at your own risk.1) The opening scene between the Counselor and Laura is a bit longer.2) More dialogue between the Counselor and the diamond dealer regarding the dealer’s Semitic background.3) Longer conversation between Reiner and the Counselor regarding women and Clarissa.4) The Green Hornet buys dog food, sarcastically telling an onlooker that he eats it. This scene seemed unnecessary, since the Green Hornet was more interesting as a mysterious character.5) At the nightclub, Reiner relates a story about Peterson’s Brazilian cousin to the Counselor.6) The Malkina-car-scene is described in a little more detail/slightly longer.7) New scene where Laura calls Malkina to tell her about a dream she had.8) Wounded Cartel faux cop asks for medical help at the junkyard.9) Malkina and Reiner’s cheetahs wander over to a random family’s swimming pool.10) Longer conversation between the Counselor and Jefe.11) New scene where paramedics pickup Westray’s body post-bolito, and his head falls off. Completely gratuitous and unnecessary scene, I think.12) Longer closing conversation between Malkina and her banker, and her stating an intention to flee to China.The significantly longer Extended Cut primarily comprises extended conversations and a few unnecessary new scenes. Beautifully shot movie, but I think that most of its symbolism was lost on me unfortunately.

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star50 tpng The Counselor (Unrated Extended Cut)You need Counseling
By CruzMadrid
In life we are always looking for what we want, but imagine that what we want is not we should want, it’s not the prosperity that we thought it was going to bring us. Now imagine one more thing, how far are you willing to go into the black hole to accomplish what you want to accomplish, what if your morale’s where put at stake, but who cares, I see what I want and it’s so close, so you ignore the righteous. The Counselor is not a film about beating the evil doer, its a film about? Well why should I tell you what its about, make that decision for yourselves, people often say open you eyes, when they want you to get out of your regular scheduled daily life routines, and think a little outside the box. I see one star reviews, I wonder what it was that they expected, anybody who gives a one or two stars was disappointed because the film didn’t give them what they belief they wanted from it, but if you expect every film to deliver what you want, then you leave no surprise for anything, never be to cool to be surprised. Now you need some COUNSELING, I am sure we all do.

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