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Oldboy [HD]

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Oldboy [HD] (Product Details and Features)

Product Details

  • Released on: 2014-02-18
  • Rating: R (Restricted)
  • Subtitled in:
  • Running time: 104 minutes

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star10 tpng Oldboy [HD]At some point in time, a remake isn’t a remake if you only steal the parts you like
By AmazonHuntress
This movie is such garbage that there are hardly any words. First, it lacks all of the depth, emotion, and grit of its Korean counterpart. Why they bothered to still call it Oldboy when they changed everything is beyond me. The lack of originality in the parts they changed is what will make your head spin. This movie is NOT worth your rental price. Eventually it will be free to watch, and then you may mock accordingly without any charges.

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star10 tpng Oldboy [HD]Terrible, in every possible way…
By Serena
The Ring. The Grudge. My Sassy Girl. Shutter.All disappointing as American remakes of Asian films. But not angering. This is not a case of a good Asian film being poorly remade in America. This is a case of a great Asian film being disrespected by its American remake.Everything about this remake is garbage. The main character, Joe Doucett, is a jerk from the start. He doesn’t care about his daughter, at all. He is a loud drunk who disrespects women, and is unapologetic about it. After a night of drinking, he falls asleep in the street and vomits on himself. When he wakes up, he is locked in a hotel room. The next half hour or so goes by quickly, and focuses on his imprisonment. What should be gaining your interest, is extremely boring.Out of nowhere, he begins to obsess over his daughter and getting clean for her. He didn’t give a crap about her when he was free, but apparently getting locked up makes you love your children. At this point, they show Joe refusing to drink the vodka he is given every day with his meal (WHY? Why did they add this?) and writing letters to his daughter. He also trains along with female aerobics trainers on TV (Again, WHY?), and punches a few things.Throughout this whole movie, Joe is fine. He doesn’t go mad, his hair just gets longer and he grows a beard. He is just a normal guy, locked in a really nice hotel room for 15 years. He doesn’t seem to have any emotions of any sort, really, other than his brief relationship with a mouse who he takes care of and grows to love…(Can you say, “WHY?”)Eventually he gets out, and let me tell you, it doesn’t get better from here. The fight scenes are so awfully choreographed, so quick, and so emotionless. Brolin is not a hopeless, confused man initially bewildered by his new skills at fighting; he is a clean cut man who has always had self confidence. You will not love him, you will not feel bad for him, and you will certainly not wish for his triumph. He doesn’t show that desperation that was shown in the original – the man was without human contact for 15 years, but he walks out the same as he went in.Elisabeth Olson’s character, Marie Sebastian, contains no good qualities. She is not even as interesting as a normal girl – not charming, not mysterious, not humorous, not naive, not intelligent, nothing. She has no personality at all!And the antagonist, Adrian Pryce (Sharlto Copley), is a joke – almost out of a crappy comic book. The first time he calls Joe to let him guess who he is, I had to laugh. The guy doesn’t even attempt to hide his accent to throw him off. After they talk, Joe scrambles to write a long list of enemies. I’m assuming that none of them are upper-class Englishmen. This might seem like a small thing, but it was really quite stupid if you ask me.I won’t give anything away, although most of you reading this have probably seen both the original and the remake, and I’m sure you share similar feelings.I could sit here all day going through this remake and listing all of the things that were terrible about it, but I’ll spare you. I suggest watching this and the original back-to-back, and enjoying a few laughs and a few frowns.Oh, and the movie is terrible on its own. Even if this wasn’t a remake, it’d get 1 star. Everything else aside, the whole film is a commercial for Apple products. They didn’t even try to hide it. Do yourself a favor, and take a drink every time you see an Apple product in this film. It will make for a much more pleasurable viewing experience.

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star30 tpng Oldboy [HD]It’s not that bad, but I’d recommend the original
By Travis
I’m not going to make this a long review of the movie. Let me start out by saying I personally do not believe this remake was a bad movie, but it pales in comparison to the original.The original version was a work of art, using visual cues to tell a story of emotional torture and one man’s descending into madness. While this movie has the same rough storyline of the original, it feels kind of watered down. Why do all American films insist upon spelling everything out for the lowest common denominator?That being said, this movie is watchable and kept me entertained through out it, it just lacked the “Wow” factor of the Korean original. It’s not “The Ring” bad though.

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