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Knights of Badassdom [HD]

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Knights of Badassdom [HD] (Product Details and Features)

Product Details

  • Released on: 2014-02-11
  • Rating: R (Restricted)
  • Subtitled in:
  • Running time: 86 minutes

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star50 tpng Knights of Badassdom [HD]The Wait is Over
By Deacon Faulkner
Awesome, diverse, and talented cast of men and women. It is good to see some great nerdy movies. Peter, Ryan, and Steve must have been friends before this movie because their buddy relationshiP emulates throughout. I have been waiting for this movie to come out for over a year, and it did not disappoint.

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star50 tpng Knights of Badassdom [HD]Great movie
By Jenifer Y.
Knights of badassdom – Me and 132 of my friends where able to get to bring the movie to Phoenix, Arizona February 4th at the AMC desertridge. About 30 of us showed up in costume (garb) to watch this before it was released. I will give a spoiler free review:Basic Plot: LARPer’s (Live Action Role Playing) conjure up a demon from Hell played by Margarita Levieva during a weekend get together for the LARP group. Eric (Steve Zahn) and Hung (Peter Dinklage) are trying to cheer up their friend, room-mate and former D&D player Joe (Ryan Kwanten) who has just broken up with his girlfriend Beth.The movie pokes fun at anyone who has ever done D&D, LARP, SCA, etc but coming from a person who does this for fun I can tell you it was a great fun movie.There is Mild (think Evil Dead) gore in a few scenes, Drug use (Pot and Mushrooms), brief implied nudity (sideboob), mild violence and language. If you liked roll models and the evil dead, have ever LARPed or had a friend who did and wanted you to join them for a weekend of “fun” this movie was made for you.

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star50 tpng Knights of Badassdom [HD]Funtastic!
By marc
I feel sorry for anyone that feels the need to be a pretentious douche-waffle and pans this film because it doesn’t fit their idea of artistic excellence. It’s not supposed to. This is a fun fluff movie. It has all the irreverent gore one needs to have a good time. There’s no subtext, no ulterior motive, no b.s.. If you can’t see that, then you probably saw Good Will Hunting one too many times and have molded yourself into some humorless, hoodie/corduroy jacket wearing, walking Cliffs Notes version of an intellectual, devoid of all joy and secretly craving the attention of all around you as you feign the need for solitude in public.

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