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Justice League: War [HD]

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Justice League: War [HD] (Product Details and Features)

Product Details

  • Released on: 2014-02-04
  • Rating: PG-13 (Parental Guidance Suggested)
  • Subtitled in:
  • Running time: 80 minutes

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star40 tpng Justice League: War [HD]I’ve actually watched the movie
By M. Smith
Alright, I don’t normally write reviews but I thought I’d jump on here and try to give as fair a review as I can because no one else who has reviewed the film, as of this writing, has actually seen it. Vudu literally JUST released it a few hours ago for early digital purchase and I decided I didn’t want to wait.Well I’m happy to report that that was a great decision because I really enjoyed the movie. But let me get the negative aspects of Justice League War out of the way first because I feel there are so few of them.Negatives:1. The voice acting, especially for Batman and Wonder Woman is not great. I’m very much a Tim Daly, Kevin Conroy, Susan Eisenberg fan. I think their takes on the most beloved Leaguers is iconic. I also find it odd that they cast George Newbern, who many prefer over Daly as Superman, as Steve Trevor instead. I think Andrea Romano does an incredible job with her casting and voice direction 99% of the time, but this is that 1% where it didn’t quite work.2. Some of the dialogue, like the original comic arc, is poor. I’m not as down on the New 52 as many die-hard DC fans were/are but I was never a big fan of Geoff John’s and Jim Lee’s first Justice League arc that this movie is based on. First, I never like leading with Darkseid because he’s arguably DC’s most important villain (all do respect to Joker and Lex). Second, I never felt Geoff gave Superman any credit in his writing; he basically makes the character a jerk, and it’s off-putting. Arguably, in that first arc all of the Leaguers (except for Batman…of course) are total jerks for no reason. So some of the dialogue does follow the comic and is still unnecessarily combative. But thankfully, most of the dialogue choices do work in the film.3. Related to my previous point – Superman and Wonder Woman come off as pretty two-dimensional in comparison to the other five. But again, this is a flaw originating in the source material itself, not the movie. Hal (obviously Geoff John’s bread and butter), Barry, Victor, and Billy all have much more depth to them and are more interesting – this will be covered in my positives as well. I love that the lesser known characters receive a lot of attention, but it comes at too much of an expense to Superman and Wonder Woman.Positives:Where to begin – Despite the few flaws I really like the job that Jay Oliva has done directing this adaptation. As I said before, I never really liked Geoff’s original arc, especially his take on Superman. But Justice League War is able to correct most of the major mistakes Geoff made while still following the same general structure and plot points of the comic. Let’s get into some details1. Superman. I’ll lead with the big guy because he’s why I read DC comics and watch their movies. While the Superman presented in Justice League War is pretty cold, detached, and calculating compared to previous incarnations, he doesn’t come off as completely unlikable like Geoff wrote him in the original arc. He’s not as warm as we’re used to seeing but I’m okay with it because whatever he’s lost in warmth and charm, he’s gained in intelligence and awareness. No where is this more apparent than in the brief showdown with Batman and Green Lantern where a “realistic” fight actually occurs. Longtime Superman fans will love it, Bat fans probably won’t.2. Green Lantern. The entire story follows all seven heroes but Hal is the focal point. As with the comic Hal’s bravado is laid on a bit thick. We all know how seemingly arrogant Hal is, but it’s just cranked up to 11 in the comic. Despite that, the movie does a good job of making it work when it didn’t work on the page.3. Victor Stone/CyborgI’ve never been a big Cyborg fan. DC has been trying to push him heavily in the New 52 and with Justice League Doom two years ago. This movie is the first time I found myself really wanting to see more from the character throughout. I always thought the father/son dynamic over football felt very forced but it was handled better (not perfectly, but better) in this go around. And Cyborg’s powerset is really shown off during the battle sequences, and they are quite impressive and fun to watch – finally! I now hope to see more of Cyborg in future animated movies, and maybe even the live action universe when WB gets their house in order.4. Flash doesn’t get much attention in the movie but Barry’s unique personality shines through in the few scenes he’s really in.5. Shazam. Alright, I’m going to step in it because this is what most of the fuss has been about. Yes they replaced Aquaman with Captain Marvel/Shazam in the movie. Personally, I do like what Geoff has done with Aquaman in the New 52. It’s probably a top-5 book in the rebooted universe. And the third arc that Geoff worked on for the rebooted Justice League, Throne of Atlantis, was quite strong. Despite all of that I don’t mind the switch in this movie. That’s partly because I’ve never been heavily invested in either character to care which one is on the main roster (I’d rather Martian Manhunter over either anyway). But it’s also partly because I think the immaturity of Billy works well within the story.Part of the problem with the comic this movie is based, along with all the other problems I listed, is that it was never even remotely believable to me (even with the general suspension of disbelief that’s required to read comics) that Superman. Wonder Woman, and Aquaman (all somewhat diplomatic figures) would be as immature as they’re depicted. In that original comic it never felt like there was an adult in the room, despite all of them being adults. I think with the introduction of Billy, instead of Arthur, the dysfunctional nature of the team makes more sense because there is, quite literally, a child on the team. The immaturity of Billy forced Hal to reexamine his behavior, and forced Wonder Woman to take charge. And the dynamic between Billy and Victor I found charming and unique to the team.In either case, I can understand Aquaman fans being a bit upset but I’d say give the movie a chance. There may even be a surprise for the Aquaman fans ::wink wink::I wrote this long review because no one else here has seen it yet, so hopefully this will help people out there on the fence make a decision. I really wanted to reach out to the fellow Superman fans out there that have been concerned with the way he’s been portrayed in the New 52 (except for Unchained, that’s an amazing comic). He’s a bit different, but he’s not the horrible mess that he was in the comic this is based off of. We’re given those heroic moments we’ve come to expect from him, and he also beats down Batman, so enjoy it icon smile Justice League: War [HD]

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star40 tpng Justice League: War [HD]It’s good, but not quite on par with Flashpoint Paradox or Doom!
By JLA Fan
I’m truly having a hard time with this movie and characterizing my feelings toward it. On the one hand it’s a Justice League movie and as you can tell by the username, I’m a fan; however, I’m just not as sold on it as I’d like to be.I love the comic series and am pretty happy with the direction the New 52 has taken and even though this movie is based on the initial story-arc, I just can’t bring myself to love it.Perhaps a big part of it is the voice actors in this movie, as maybe I’m just too attached to the old cast! Let’s face it, it’s hard replacing the likes of Tim Daly / George Newbern (take your pick) as Superman, Michael Rosenbaum as Flash, Nathan Fillion as GL, Susan Eisenberg as Wonder Woman, and there’s simply no replacing Kevin Conroy as Batman IMHO. The new cast is merely okay and I’m particularly not fond of Jason O’Mara’s voice filling the role of Batman. His voice just doesn’t fit Batman for me, nor does it seem like it would help to strike fear in Batman’s enemies in the same manner as Conroy’s.Speaking of voice acting, I’m not sure if it is the voice of (Justin Kirk) the new GL, but I feel as if Green Lantern and Flash are having an identity crisis (no pun intended). GL seems as if he has completely taken on Flash’s persona and vice versa. GL comes off a little too cocky and a bit too much of a smart guy (but replace guy with three other letters). Don’t get me wrong, I expect GL to have some swagger as he did in the JL comic story arc, but in JL: War it seems to go a bit overboard for me. In the movie, GL comes off as far more obnoxious than confident and I have trouble believing it is simply the writing and not the voice actor. I can’t remember feeling the same way about the story in the comic which was very similar if not identical, so I’m not entirely sure. Who knows, it could be the slightest tweak here and there to the movie script versus the comic story-arc. What I do know without a doubt is that I feel Nathan Fillion was a perfect choice for GL so any other actor, for me, is a step down! Sorry, Justin Kirk.As for the story in JL: War, I just feel it is a tad bit weak and although it was based on the comic book series, it just doesn’t seem to translate as well as I had hoped it would. There was far too little substance and for some reason, it didn’t come off as well as Geoff Johns’s telling of it in the New 52 Justice League series. The heroes seem a bit more unlikeable in the movie than in the comic book series, particularly Wonder Woman, who comes off in the movie as a bumbling idiot. Once again, I don’t recall her being written that poorly in the comic story-arc, but I may have to go back and reread it.In addition, another thing that I noticed about the movie that didn’t seem to hit me as hard while reading this story-arc in the comic series, is the heroes lack of concern in regards to destruction and their complete disregard for public safety. They destroy parts of Metropolis without giving it a second thought, which just doesn’t seem like the heroes I’ve grown to know and love, particularly Superman!In regards to the animation, it was done well enough, but I’m still not one hundred percent sold on the art-style which is a little too anime for my tastes. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some anime, just not in my JL movies thank you very much. That’s not a deal-breaker though as both Flashpoint Paradox and Doom had a similar, if not identical style.Furthermore, what is up with Superman in this movie? He just looks weird to me in some parts of the film. He’s either drawn way too muscular or his head is too big…And his “S” appears to be drawn too small! He just looks odd to me at times throughout the film unlike how he’s drawn in the New 52 JL series! This is certainly not Jim Lee’s Superman, which I absolutely love!Some of you may feel I’m nitpicking here, but Superman is perhaps my favorite of the group, so I’m probably slightly more critical of how he’s done as opposed to the other JL members.In summary I feel that JL: War is on the cusp of being great and with a few tweaks here and there very well might have been. Your mileage may vary, but as it stands for me, while it is good and worth owning, it just isn’t on the same level with Flashpoint Paradox or Doom, in this fan’s humble opinion!

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star50 tpng Justice League: War [HD]“Share your thoughts with other customers”
By Bowman 9000
Amazon has not provided much in the form of product details beyond it being a Warner Home Video release that is 78 minutes induration. Amazon also has three separate listings for this item, a DVD (1-Disc) and Blu-ray due out February 4, 2014, and a DVD (2-Disc) due out March 18, 2014. To better understand what I may be oredering I did some on-line research…this is what I found. Websites like Dark Horizons & YouTube have debut trailors. I settled on Comic Vine for their assessment, not too vague, not spoiling over with info. It states:”Let Justice Begin”"When the powerful Darkseid and his massive, relentless forces invade Earth, a group of previously unaligned super heroes – misunderstood and, in some cases, hunted by the authorities – discover the only way to fend off the attack will be to work together as a cohesive unit. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Shazam and, in his origin story, Cyborg combine their respective talents in an all-out battle to save the planet.” Based on the 2012 graphic novel, “Justice League: Origin,” by Geoff Johns & Jim Lee, JUSTICE LEAGUE: WAR provides a glance into the world before the Justice League was created, and offers the initial animated incarnation of DC Entertainment’s “The New 52.”Wikipedia provided further information: Directed by Jay Oliva, produced by James Tucker, with a screenplay by Heath Corson. It list’s the following characters / actors:* Bruce Wayne / Batman – Jason O’Mara* Clark Kent / Superman – Alan Tudyk (“Firefly”)* Hal Jordan / Green Lantern – Justin Kirk* Princes Diana / Wonder Woman – Michelle Monaghan* Barry Allen / The Flash – Christopher Gorham* Victor Stone / Cyborg – Shemar Moore* Shazam / Captain Marvel – Sean Astin* Darkseid – Steven Blum* Desaad – Bruce Thomas* Silas Stone – Rocky Carroll* Billy Batson – Zach Callison* Steve Trevor – George NewbernWhen I find an item on Amazon that has no product details I realise that I need to do some internet research to decide if I will pre-order it. So, I would ask you…if you find a product on Amazon with no product details…and in the review section someone has gone and done some research and provided their results for your consideration…why does this effort get a “not helpful” vote? I have found, over time, that many people appreciate this research, others react in a very confusing manner.

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