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Haunt (Watch Before It’s In Theatres) [HD]

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Haunt (Watch Before It’s In Theatres) [HD] (Product Details and Features)

Product Details

  • Released on: 2014-02-07
  • Rating: R (Restricted)
  • Subtitled in:
  • Running time: 86 minutes

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star50 tpng Haunt (Watch Before Its In Theatres) [HD]A Surprising Little Gem
By Mary McDonough
I watch a lot of horror movies. I particularly love movies involving paranormal/ghosts/hauntings. Finding good ones nowadays is fairly difficult. So, I kind of went into this expecting a typical B-horror ‘haunted house’ type flick. I was totally blown away. The plot actually kept me interested but what I really liked about it were the subtleties and how everything eventually tied together. The build up was done well, and you weren’t quite sure how everything connected until the end. I enjoyed the chemistry between the main character (teenage boy) and the neighbor girl. Their performances were very good. His desperate need to be her white knight and her problems at home have you wondering exactly what is real and what isn’t. I also enjoyed seeing Ione Skye in this. And the actress who played the youngest daughter (Anita?) was pretty dang creepy in her scenes (especially the one with the family photo). I also liked the original house owner (Mrs. Morello)–the actress who played her made her this aloof and slightly off but empathetic character due to her family’s ‘curse’. Of course, the truth comes out in the end, and it’s a surprise to see who pays the price for it. All-in-all a well acted, intriguing story that draws you in. This was a gem to find!

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star40 tpng Haunt (Watch Before Its In Theatres) [HD]Unoriginal story…yet, I swear, this is highly recommendable haunting film with EXCELLENT character development and direction.
By Tokay
The opening of this pleasant surprise introduces us to two concepts. One of them is Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP)–the ultra-creepy premise for White Noise (2005)–and the other is the simple notion that every ghost story begins with a house and a tragedy. Our present tragic backstory is most effectively narrated by victim Janet Morello (Jacki Weaver).Years after the “Morello Curse” claimed the lives of Janet’s husband and three kids, the Asher family–also with two girls and a boy–moves into the ill-fated home. In no time Evan meets his love interest, the troubled girl next door. As Evan gets to know his comely teen neighbor Sam (Liana Liberato), we learn that she is emotionally guarded and domestically abused. But after a night of snuggling and a few hits off a joint she opens up and talks Evan into trying to communicate with the dead using an old radio tuned to white noise stations.Things escalate and it becomes evident that Sam has a stronger connection to the house than Evan and the Ashers. As Sam and Evan freak out about their ghostly contact Evan’s older sister (Danielle Chuchran; Osombie) is legitimately concerned, Evan’s parents don’t take it at all seriously (no shock there), and Evan’s younger kid sister starts saying some disturbing things. Much as in Mama (2013), Poltergeist (1982) and many other haunting movies, his kid sister has a strong connection with the ghosts.Rookie director Mac Carter utilizes standard jump scare tactics, out-of-focus shadowy figures and cryptic flashback sequences to elicit a rather familiar style of fear. It’s nothing special or original, but the execution is clearly there and it works. In fact, the jumps scares’ effectiveness specifically leads me to recommend this as a good date movie.I’m not familiar with any of the cast, but everyone seems to have done a fine job with their roles. Sam, Evan and Evan’s sisters are all effectively presented and they completely distract us from a plot which–while not being a blatant rip off of anything specific–is not at all original. In fact, if you reflect on the movie after watching it you’ll have a lot of questions that will go unanswered. Not surprisingly there is a twist ending, but it’s nothing wowing and it doesn’t entirely make sense of what we saw/learned in the flashback scenes. That said, despite the story flaws these characters (and their excellent development) along with capable film production and direction made this film a pleasant surprise and a decent overall jumpy experience. I recommend it.

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star40 tpng Haunt (Watch Before Its In Theatres) [HD]SPOILER ALERT WITH QUESTIONS I DID NOT UNDERSTAND
By Bethany Joy
SPOILER ALERT……..I didn’t understand a few things about this movie. First of all, Samantha said that her mother died when she was a baby (which made sense at the end), but, then, who was the man who was raising her, whom she said was her father who always resented her after her mother died, that man who gave her the bruises whom she was living with was not her father, because the dead dentist Franklin was her father…so who was that man? What happened with Anita (the younger sister) being possessed early in the movie, that part was touched on, but dropped quickly. How exactly were all of the children killed, was it in a car accident, and did one of the daughters hang herself in the closet? The old lady killed Samantha’s mother who was her husband’s lover, but let the baby Samantha live. But how did all of the old lady’s children die? We know how the husband dentist Franklin died, obviously, Samantha’s mother who was his lover, killed him when he summoned her with the box, when he was really just trying to summon his children. The old lady killed her husband’s lover in front of Franklin, then Franklin and the old lady dragged her dead body up to the attic and buried her under the floor boards, but why did they do it right in front of their son Matthew, covering his mouth and warning him not to say a word, and then Matthew really never reported his parents for murder and continued living in that room with a dead body buried there, and living with his murderous parents. It doesn’t make sense to me that, one morning, Evan comes downstairs with a strange girl (Samantha) and the family’s reaction is calm and nice to meet you, their teenage son comes down from his bedroom with a strange teenage girl and they don’t have a problem with it. Then, the girl keeps sleeping over and hanging around and they don’t have a problem. And, finally, the parents go away with the teen daughter and younger daughter and leave Evan all alone in the house with his teen lover Samantha. Even Evan said that he could not believe that they left them alone. Yes, I really enjoyed this movie, I just don’t understand these parts. I thought that the acting was really good. The old lady was creepy. The story was original and held my attention all the way to the end. It was really scary. The end completely surprised me, I was totally shocked that Samantha actually killed Evan. I totally recommend this movie, and I am going to watch it a second time and maybe answer my own questions.

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