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Blue is the Warmest Color

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Blue is the Warmest Color (Product Details and Features)

Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #3925 in Movie
  • Released on: 2014-01-24
  • Rating: NC-17
  • Subtitled in:
  • Running time: 180 minutes

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star50 tpng Blue is the Warmest ColorHeads-Up: Special Edition Coming Later
By M. Pereira
I just want to give everyone a heads-up that Criterion will be releasing a Special Edition for this film later next year. The film is fantastic, and I am giving it 5 stars, but the review is simply a heads-up in case you didn’t know there was a better edition coming out later.Criterion specifically says this on the product page for the movie:”A full special edition treatment of this film will follow at a later date.”I hope this helps someone. I know I’d be upset if I spend $20 on this basic edition, and then found out later that there’s another coming out with a lot more extras included.

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star50 tpng Blue is the Warmest ColorThree hours have never gone by so quickly.
By Bowen Cho
This is rightly one of the most talked about films of the year, but sometimes for the wrong reasons. Whether the film benefits or not from all the attention being paid to the graphic sex scenes, I don’t know, but if you let that stop you from seeing the film you’ll be missing one of the most honest and gut-wrenching portrayals of first love ever filmed.I saw this film in New York City with a dear friend back in November, and we couldn’t stop talking about it until she had to catch her flight to Washington the next day. We kept talking about Adele as if she was a real person, hoping the best for her in life. This is the real power of the film, drawing you in to the life of Adele.Lea Seydoux and Adele Excharpoulos bring an almost divine abandon and fatalism to their performances as the two romantic leads. I think audiences have tended to sentimentalize the relationship between Emma and Adele and put it on a pedestal, but the director makes clear that this is not his viewpoint. It’s a very passionate and physical relationship, but there isn’t much more to hold it together. This seems to be the point that the director is making with the very graphic and extended sex scenes. Sex nourishes the ravenous Adele, but Emma has more intellectual needs. Thus, beyond the physicality of their relationship, it is not a marriage of equals. A key scene at a party they are hosting underscores the imbalance in their relationship. Watching Adele, who seems content to serve the guests while Emma mingles, I wondered if Adele would be doomed if she stays in this relationship.The film keeps getting more interesting after this point as it explores Adele’s growth as a person. An image that came to my mind during the film is that of a mother bird pushing her fledgling out of the nest. You might know which scene I’m thinking about. After the film’s end, during the credits (no spoiler here) we learn that this film was originally titled, “The Life of Adele, Chapters 1 and 2,” which is a more mundane title than “Blue Is The Warmest Color,” but very revealing in that it explains the themes of the film more accurately. “Blue” puts the focus on the relationship between Adele and Emma, but the story is really about a girl who is just finding herself in the world.There is so much beautiful imagery in the film. The blue motif, if obvious, is conveyed with the most exquisite touches. For example, there is the now iconic scene where Adele is floating in the water, drowning in a halo of blue. It’s an incredibly powerful scene that expresses so much with no words. This film is worth watching over again just to take in the beautiful cinematography. Meanwhile Adele Exarchopoulos, with her pouty lips, appealing overbite, and tangle of unruly hair, is one of the most naturally charismatic and alluring screen presences I’ve seen in awhile.And kudos to the director for not stepping back from the NC-17 rating. Artistically, it was the right decision. If you can get past the sex, you might find that this is the best film of 2013.

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star50 tpng Blue is the Warmest ColorTotally devastating, I have never seen anything quite like it.
By craig
This is the most emotionally painful film I have ever watched concerning romantic love. It has the most realistic psychological depiction of the after effects of a breakup that I have ever witnessed on film, this is a transcendent film (I am a heterosexual male and I was able to relate to the main character) and performance by the lead actress, who should win every award on the planet for her otherworldly performance. It is the most impressive performance I have ever seen by any actor or actress anywhere and at anytime, rivaling if not far surpassing anything that I have ever seen on film (and I have watched almost everything both past and present).Blue is the Warmest Color is a film that completely defies categorization, I hold graduate degrees in Literature, Philosophy and Film Theory and I don’t know what it is (tragedy, romance, gothic horror, or some completely new genre). I don’t know what it is, but I do know that it is one of the most intimate dissections of the tragedy of human existence that I have ever seen or read in any cultural product or any work of art that I have ever experienced in my lifetime.I have never seen anything quite like this movie, its beautiful depiction of the tragedy of the human experience is devastating. It is simultaneously the most beautiful and one of the darkest and emotionally complex visions of life that I have ever seen put on film. The actresses performance literally crawls underneath the viewers skin and haunts you for days after the ending of the film, I am trying to forget it, it is that emotionally painful. All the more gut wrenching in that there is no antagonist in the film, she is totally and completely a victim of the antinomies hidden within human existence itself.There is the faintest whisper of a very dark nightmare running just below the surface of all of these beautiful luminescent images. A nightmare not about any particular thing whether social, political or personal, but having to do with existence itself and how we are all victims of it. There is an uncanny feeling that existence feeds on us, by making and compelling us to feed upon it. So although there is a critical sociological component to the film concerning the narrow mindedness of the greater society and its intolerance of differing modalities of sexual experience, there is a much deeper and darker layer to the film.Not for the faint of heart, and that is not because of the sexual content, it is because of the emotional content which is amazingly potent. It is the most brutally honest film concerning the loneliness and isolation that overcomes someone when they have lost someone they have been emotionally attached to that I have ever seen, or that I will ever care to see, not to sound hyperbolic but this film is quite literally a masterpiece.

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