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Baggage Claim

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Baggage Claim (Product Details and Features)

Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #170 in Movie
  • Released on: 2014-02-04
  • Rating: PG-13 (Parental Guidance Suggested)
  • Subtitled in:
  • Running time: 97 minutes

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star40 tpng Baggage Claim3.5 stars… Paula Patton’s charm carries this movie
By Paul Allaer
“Baggage Claim” (2013 release; 96 min.) brings the story of Montana or ‘Mo’ (played by Paula Patton, a/k/a Mrs. Robin Thicke), a 29 yr. old single woman who has not found success or happiness in love. As the movie opens, we get to know Mo’s mom, who (in a clever montage) we see getting married, and remarried and again and again (as Mo keeps grows up and becomes a woman). Then there is Mo’s younger sister, a college student, who has just announced she’s gotten engaged to be married in exactly 30 days. Mo is a flight attendant, and her coworkers decide to help and find “the right guy” for her by looking up the travel bookings made by Mo’s former flames and ‘accidentally’ having Mo work on those flights. Before we know it, we see Mo flying around the country and creating chance-encounters with these ex-flames. Will Mo find the right guy in time for her sister’s wedding in 30 days? To tell you more would ruin your viewing pleasure, you’ll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.Couple of comments: first and foremost, this is the Paula Patton show from start to finish. She is in just about every single scene of the movie, and she radiates the screen with her charm and energy. If it wasn’t for her, I doubt I’d even have bothered with this movie. We saw her just a few months ago in “2 Guns”, and it seems she is ascending the ranks of leading Hollywood women rather quickly. Good for her. Second, the photography of this movie is a real eye-pleaser. Tons of gorgeous city skyline shots from the air throughout the movie (the movie is a true travel movie by air). Third, this movie does not break any new ground in, or stands apart from, many other recent rom-coms, and in that sense it is quite unremarkable, yet it is predictable as it is enjoyable. Fourth, there are a couple of truly hilarious scenes, the best one for me when Mo is on a date with an ex-flame who is a politician. They are joined by a wealthy older couple (featuring Ned Beatty). At one point the conversation turns what makes Tiger Woods “black”, and whether he is “black” enough. Just watch!Speaking of which: As I went to see this in the theatre here in Cincinnati a few days ago, I had no idea that I, a middle aged white man, am not at all the target audience for this movie (it became clear quickly that the is a movie mostly featuring African-Americans and intended mostly for the African-American community). To be honest, it never bothered me in the least, and I enjoyed this movie for what it is: a rom-com that is as predictable as it is enjoyable, mainly due to Paula Patton. “Baggage Claim” is worth checking out, whether in the theatre or on DVD/Blu-ray.

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star20 tpng Baggage ClaimToo Predictable and not worth the money.
By Renee
This movie is way too predictable. It was not very funny and there was a lot of bad acting. This movie is about a chick that is trying to find get engage in 30 days. Her little sister is getting married in 30 days. Of course you guessed it, she is a 30 year old who never been married or have kids and feeling she has no self worth since everyone else have husbands and she 30 with no husband. She has all her friends stalk her ex- boyfriends to see if there any potential husbands. Funny because if they are your ex its because it did not work out. She has a next door neighbor who know her very well but she don’t look at him as the husband type until she discover all of ex are taken or moved on. Hell of cliche. I don’t think this was Paula Patton’s best acting, because her voice was annoying. And facial expressions seemed focused, annoying and unnatural. Frankly, she came off as desperate.

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star40 tpng Baggage ClaimWithin 5 minutes you know how the story is going to end up but it’s still a pleasant journey.
By C. Ogburn
Like so many movies, you can guess within five minutes what is going to ultimately happen with the Paula Patton character. However, it still was a fun and funny journey to watch her get there. Both Diggs and Scott were funny. The other characters were played it straight but Scott and Diggs play it funny and it brightened up the movie. Patton was wonderful with material she was given and by the end, I could see how some older sisters girls would feel that pressure to find a man, especially when relatives keep going when are you going to find someone and settle down? Then you have to show up at your baby sister’s wedding with no man again? Not thinking straight you just might look up those old dates to see if things could be different this time and of course, once you do, you remember why they didn’t work in the first place. This movie is like that. When it’s out to rent or buy, curl up on the couch and enjoy the performances and the likable but predictable journey to end.

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