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About Time

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About Time (Product Details and Features)

Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #9 in Movie
  • Released on: 2014-02-04
  • Rating: R (Restricted)
  • Subtitled in:
  • Running time: 124 minutes

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star50 tpng About TimeUnabashedly Happy Families
By Jay B. Lane
From Richard Curtis, the creative soul who gave us “Notting Hill” and “Love Actually,” we have an R-rated romantic comedy that satisfies our need for the occasional outing that features unabashedly happy families, solid marriages and well-loved children. Plus, it boasts the most hilarious wedding reception I think I’ve ever seen.A young man inherits a family trait that allows him to replay key moments in time and change them to his advantage. We come to laugh out loud whenever he says “Would you please excuse me for a moment?”It features: * Domhnall Gleeson (“Anna Karenina”) is Tim, the fellow who can manipulate time, but who can’t foretell some of the results. You can see the warm intelligence in his eyes. * Rachel McAdams (“The Vow”) is Mary, the object of his affections. This Canadian actress is no stranger to relationships with time travelers (“The Time Traveler’s Wife”); but we laugh when her Mary insists she won’t take her panties off for Scotland! (You’ll love the scene.) * Bill Nighy (“Blow Dry”) is Bill’s father. Dad is a cautious veteran of this phenomenon. This character is droll, wise, and a great father. * Lindsay Duncan (LOTS of British TV) Her sweetly ferocious Mum fooled me. I actually thought I was watching the French actress Julie Delpy! * Lydia Wilson (British TV) is Kit Kat, Tim’s rambunctious sister who causes a LOT of turmoil. * Mitchell Mullen (“RED 2″) is Mary’s father, Fitz, who is mentally out to lunch much of the time.The plot becomes fairly complex so it can become a challenge to follow if you have any hearing problems because much of it is either murmured or whispered. The script is witty and warm but there were times I needed captions; I know I’ll LOVE my DVD! Yes, I’ll order this one from Amazon as soon as it’s available.Important Note: You’ll be happy to know one of your colleagues contacted me and both the DVD and the downloadable (is that a word?) version have closed captions! Yippee!

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star50 tpng About TimeFavorite movie
By Brie Shea-Sharar
I can’t remember a movie that has ever touched my soul like this one. I laughed and cried. Wonderful movie

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star40 tpng About TimeAnother Richard (Love Actually) Curtis light romantic comedy
By J. M. Fitzpatrick
This is a charming romantic comedy with a message: value your life, family and friendships.It’s another movie from Richard Curtis, who specialises in this kind of feel good romantic comedy- “Love Actually”, “Bridget Jones’ Diary”, “Notting Hill”, “Four Weddings and a Funeral” were all written by him, and he directed “Love Actually” as well.He is an expert in developing these types of stories in an engaging manner, as well as having a message.What gets this story moving is a father’s revelation to his son that they have the power to travel through time.There are some comedic moments based on this plot device, but the story moves on to be a conventional romantic comedy- including the element of “boy gets girl; boy loses girl; boy gets girl back again”.There are several subplots to keep things moving along.The performances are generally good- Domhnall Gleeson is convincing as the time traveller, and Rachel McAdams is charming as his girlfriend. Bill Nighy puts in another good cameo as the father.This is an enjoyable “feel good” romantic comedy- ideal for a date night DVD at home. It has a happy ending, with a Richard Curtis life message for you (akin to the ending of Love Actually).Is it a great film? I don’t think so, but it is a charming light entertainment. I doubt you would regret seeing it.

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